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During year one of your relationship, you probably learned all sorts of interesting things about your partner, like the fact that they snore or that they leave tea bags around the house. But what would you do if you learned that he (or she) subscribes to some pretty off-the-wall conspiracy theories? One 25-year-old woman was quite disturbed to learn that her boyfriend, Max, of one year, believes in the Illuminati and is wondering if she should begin planning her exit strategy. The woman explains on Reddit:

I’ve been dating my boyfriend Max for almost a year, and generally he seems like a fairly reasonable, well-adjusted person. Has some odd religious beliefs, but many people do, so I chalked that up to personal preference. Today, though, I found out about some other weird beliefs that worry me.

Basically, Max thinks that really successful/rich people (Bill Gates is one he mentioned, idk who else) are in the Illuminati, and may have used black magic to get so much power/wealth. He mentioned the Bohemian Grove (which I looked up, there’s a Washington Post article about how some of the rich and powerful go there every July to party)–and it does sound like some odd things go on there, but he said “they probably sacrifice humans.” Okay then…

He also thinks they’re covering up the fact that limestone can be manipulated via sound vibrations or something, and that’s how the pyramids were built. When I asked him why there is zero scientific evidence to corroborate this, he said “they don’t want people to know”.

I’m no scientist or intellectual snob, but I do prefer to evaluate things rationally and not just believe wild theories written about on poorly designed web pages. It really bothers me that Max seems this gullible. I did make sure that he isn’t on board with some other brands of crazy like the anti-vaxxers, and he’s still a kind, hardworking, thoughtful guy, and, at least, he doesn’t believe in Lizard People. Plus, none of these theories really affect his life in any tangible way, so I’m trying to decide whether it’s a dealbreaker. BUT, if he can believe this stuff, who knows what he could be duped into in the future, right? I like him a lot, but am I on board a train to crazy town?

Personally, I find conspiracy theories to be quite amusing, and occasionally, I’ll watch some of those videos on YouTube for the sheer purpose of wanting to be entertained. However, I can definitely understand this woman’s concern. When trying to build a future with someone, you probably want to be sure that you’re dealing with a levelheaded individual.

Is Max’s Illuminati obsession harmless or should his girlfriend run for the hills?


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