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Once your baby is born, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll want to get your snapback; honestly, after nine months of your body being taken over and being put through a multitude of changes, who can blame you? For the most part it’s recommended that you give your body at least six weeks or even longer to properly heal before you jump into strenuous activities–make sure to follow with your own doctor’s orders first. As moms ourselves we at Mommynoire (I’m a new mom with a son born a few months ago) have tried more than a few postpartum workouts, so we can give you the real deal on what has worked which workouts are not so hot. Here’s a few postpartum workouts to get you back to looking and feeling like your old self and other to avoid for the time being.

Consider: Breastfeeding

Um, hello there are some awesome advantages to breastfeeding outside of the obvious nutrients, and while this might not be a “workout” per se, it’s estimated you can burn upwards of 500 calories a day. This is music to our ears because we can shed some pounds without leaving the house.

woman walking alone


Consider: Walking

Once you feel up to it, consider stepping outdoors for some fresh air and a nice stroll. Walking is pretty low-impact and works your heart without over-stressing your body. This is a great workout to get your joints moving and your blood flowing.




Consider: Yoga

If you are looking for a workout to relax you and help you find your calm then yoga is most likely for you. Yoga is great for stretching, focusing your breathing and just making you feel good – just pay attention to those moves that may over-challenge your abs or twist you too much into a pretzel.


The Tracy Anderson Method Present Post Pregnancy Workout

Consider: Post-Pregnancy Routine

There are tons of postpartum workouts that are catered to us ladies who delivered a child. Choose a routine that interests you and enjoy the journey.

image: The Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy Workout

Consider: Climbing Stairs

It might take a while before you catch your balance but once you do, think about climbing up and down those steps. This is something simple we all do without giving it much thought, but after delivery, it can feel like you are going up a mountain. Climbing stairs is a nice way to help tone up your tush and legs.

Consider: (Ballet) Barre

Barre class may look cheesy but is extremely challenging as it works to tone you up and even fix your posture. Many classes offer a low-impact routine that’s somewhat simple to follow.



Side Eye: Sex

Here’s where the lines get blurry because this will come down to a personal comfort. Yes, the doctor will more than likely tell you no grinding until after six weeks (sometimes longer). However once those weeks have passed by you might want to get back into the swing of things (literally). Sex can be considered a workout provided you put some effort towards it, but too much too quickly can cause problems. Proceed with caution on this one.

Avoid: Swimming

Even though this is a great fitness outlet while you are pregnant most doctors will ask you to stay out of the water after you deliver. Put all water activities on hold until you get the green light.

Avoid: Running

This one was personally hard for me because I was jogging all the way up to the 40 week mark. Not too many people realize that running is not just a leg workout but full body – you will also use your lower abs which will be tricky if you delivered a child (forget about c-sections).

Avoid: Excessive Lifting

We have all read those stories about pregnant women doing crossfit workouts which made some of us give the side eye. Even if this was your routine during pregnancy you will need to give your body its much needed rest  post delivery. Flinging up weights can cause some serious damage if you aren’t fully healed.



This is a big duh though there are some super fitness buffs who may be crazy enough to attempt this after birth. Please don’t sign up for any crazy race or obstacle course – give your body time and attempt it months after you deliver.

Avoid: Super Races/Obstacle Courses

Avoid: Excessive Cardio

Maybe it’s me but sometimes when you are feeling your music at the gym you get into a zone that makes you feel you can do everything. Well you can’t or at least shouldn’t. Don’t go overboard with your cardio that includes machines and group classes. Things are great in moderation but trying to be the queen of the gym is nuts.

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