My Man Got Drunk And Cried To Me About His Cheating Ex

February 1, 2016  |  

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When too much liquor gets into your system, there’s no telling what can happen.

One woman, who we’ll call “Tracy,” is still struggling with how her boyfriend, “Trey,” behaved on New Year’s Eve after having a few drinks. Trey and Tracy have been together for three months. Before their relationship took a romantic turn, they were really good friends. Recently, he found out that his ex-girlfriend, whom he was with for five months, cheated on him before their relationship ended. And on New Year’s Eve, he broke down crying about it. Tracy explains in a Reddit post:

We were spending NYE together, and we were having an extremely good time. However, he got quite a few drinks in him, and the mood began to change. He began to sob to me about how he found out that his ex-girlfriend (together for around 5-6 months) had been cheating on him while they were together. I was also there for him when she dumped him by blocking him on every social media platform with no explanation.

I was a little shocked and hurt when he told me that he found out about a month prior to telling me. I realized that was probably the reason why he was acting distant towards me during that month. I confronted him about it, and he confirmed that it was because of that discovery that he had acted distant and cold. I immediately felt angry and sad, then guilty because I knew I should be supportive. He also told me that he had drank one night because he got extremely sad about it. Seeing your boyfriend cry about another girl in front of you sucks.

I cannot shake my feelings off. This is not the first time that he has gotten upset over her. I brought her [up] a few times (prior to him finding out about the cheating) because I wanted to know what was up and he personally got offended each time. I ceased bringing her up after those events.

Maybe I should not have tried to ask about his past relationship with this girl. It has been a month, and she has not come up in conversation again, but I feel weird. I feel insecure and have even tried to get reassurance here and there in ways that I am not used to. I am upset that it took alcohol for him to tell me and that he let this discovery get in the way of our relationship (him acting distant for days in the month that he did not tell me). I am also disappointed in myself because I should be a more supportive girlfriend.

I do not really know how to go forward with this. It has been a month since the incident, and it still bugs me. I thought that I would be strong enough to move on from it and with him, but it has literally been eating away at me. I do not know what to do in order to get over this.

What should she do?

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