Like A Virgin! Sex After Pregnancy

December 15, 2015  |  

I recently had to kindly remind my husband that while we are mammals we surely are not doing it like we were on The Discovery Channel, or however that silly song goes. I have crossed what appears to be a major milestone postpartum – the six-week mark. I can’t lie, I’ve been really looking forward to this time so I can get back into the gym and get down with some weights (this mama was did her thang while pregnant!), but I might have overlooked the patiently horny man known as my husband. Thankfully we were able to practice our “relations” throughout our pregnancy even leading up to the 40 week mark, but I had no idea that the six weeks of waiting was going to be that big of a deal.

“Do you feel okay today, is there anything I can do?” asked my husband. Aww, God bless this man and his determination to get laid. He really is a sweetheart and super patient as I never felt rushed to get down to business.

At first I was extremely nervous to get down in the sheets, not because six weeks went by but rather…well, I thought something was going to rip! I’m laughing here, but oh so serious. I had a to get a minor episiotomy (a surgical incision made in the area between the vagina and anus), followed by stitches. While the stiches simply dissolve in a few days, that still didn’t take away my nerves. Thankfully, my doctor gave me the thumbs up on the medical side, which helped to put my worries at ease.

When the big day came, the funny thing  is that I was feeling like a virgin. No, I wasn’t having sex for the very first time, but it might as well have been because things were different down there. Channeling my inner Baddie Bey, I decided to go for mine. I was looking well-rested (a miracle in itself) and even had time during our crazy days of raising a newborn to get waxed. I was ready.

The verdict? It wasn’t that bad! I mean does that sound crazy? Ye,  there were fears that things wouldn’t work the same, but it did – and if your doctor gave you that tight stitch, also known as the “husband stitch,” it makes things a wee more nice if you know what I mean.

At the end of the day, it just felt good to reconnect with my husband on a more intimate level as there are certain ways you want to express yourself that go beyond a simple hug or kiss. I was looking into the eyes of my life partner and now father of my child which actually made love making all the more special. Though I have been fortunate to have lost my baby weight a few weeks after giving birth, it also felt good to be wanted. And this just wasn’t a turn off the lights and bang one out type of thing, but a pride he had in his eyes that I was his wife and mother of his child.

What pleasures have you experienced in sex after pregnancy?

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