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Feeling sexy isn’t necessarily a physical thing but rather a state of mind. It really doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, as long as you fully accept who you are and how you look. That doesn’t mean that you think you’re perfect or don’t need improvement. It means that you support yourself throughout every step of your own journey including pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.  Many of us forget what tremendous change our bodies had to go through in order for us to give birth. It’s indeed a miracle, a miracle to be entirely proud of. This is where I’ve found–and you’ll find–complete, unapologetic confidence.

Being a mom makes you sexier because:

You feel like you can conquer the world

After seeing the capability of my own body, will and my strength, I am certain that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I know that I walk differently and talk differently. I’ve evolved as a woman. I am now a mother. “I can do it” is my daily affirmation. Nothing can bring me down because I’ve endured nine months of physical exhaustion to bring a new life into this world. If that isn’t sexy, then I don’t know what is. Now, you need to understand what that means. Some people might get intimidated by a woman who holds her head up high (I’m not talking about arrogance), but knowing who you are and what you’re capable of makes you feel so good about yourself and shines a very energetic vibe onto those you encounter. Constantly remind yourself of all the obstacles you’ve overcome, all the great things you’ve achieved.

You have ambition and motivation

Having children changes your whole outlook on life. For many it also triggers the will of achieving more than what they’ve had before. Wanting to do better and providing only the best for your child becomes a top priority. Who doesn’t love a woman who’s focused on her goals, knows what she wants and is willing to work hard for it? That goes for men and women. I love seeing how motivated my husband is to start his own business, thinking of our future children and next generation. Working as a team and having each others back is even better as it balances out your hustle which you’d now share with your partner. And nothing is better than coming home to an appreciative partner and to reward each other for the hard work.

You are super caring 

Women, especially mothers, are known to have a more caring trait to them. You get used to it by always checking on your kids, cleaning up, cooking, making sure they’re fed and so on… I’m going to break this one down in two. First, men love to be cared for. I think everyone does. Knowing that the person you like is concerned about your wants and needs makes them more attractive to you. Secondly, men tend to subconsciously fall in love with women who behave similar to their mothers.

Now, don’t get me wrong and start pampering him left and right but I’m saying that the carling, affectionate, loving trait of a mother is a beautiful thing that everyone needs to appreciate.

And never let the lack of appreciation make you doubt yourself. Know what you bring to the table.

You have physical sex appeal

I know this is one of the touchiest topic for most moms. Nonetheless, let’s face it; our bodies go through immense change to prepare for childbirth and it isn’t always easy to get back to the pre-baby body we’ve had or to workout at all. We’re back and forth between cooking, feeding, cleaning etc. all while trying to take care of ourselves. It’s very important to take a break when you need it and face one challenge at a time. Even with my stretchmark’s and wobbly tummy, I feel wonderful. The biggest mistake you could do now is to compare yourself to others. It’s a violation of self. Accept yourself, you’re beautiful. You’ve brought life into this world; there is nothing more amazing. When I say that I feel wonderful, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want my body to look any other way. That would be a lie. But I love it now, I’ll love it later and whatever else I’ll go through – this is me and I refuse not to accept and love myself whole fully. I believe that self-love is the most important love; how else would you know what to give another person if you can’t even feel those emotions for your self?

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