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September 3, 2015  |  

Kevin Gates is trash.

And yes, I know that most of you probably don’t even know his music or who the hell he even is. But before he has an opportunity to blow up and brainwash the masses through garbage-a** lyrics over dope beats, I’m stepping in. I’m starting the campaign to have this sorry excuse for a human being declared the sloppy curbside garbage on a hot August day.

So why exactly do I consider this guy, whom most have not heard about, “trash”?

Well, for starters, he brutally kicked a woman in the chest at a concert in Florida, then tried to play the victim. The incident was caught on video.

According to TMZ:

“Kevin Gates doesn’t like to be touched when he’s on stage and one female fan learned that quickly … with a boot to the chest. Gates was performing at a club in Lakeland, FL Friday night — you can see a woman in the front row reach out and touch Gates’ shorts … that’s when he loses it. It’s unclear what happened to the woman after the kick but she seems to stick around. We’ve reached out to Gates for comment — so far, no word back.”

He was probably too busy being trash to respond right away. However, the woman, 18-year-old Miranda Dixon, had something to say about the incident. According to ABC News affiliate WFTS:

“Miranda saved her money and paid $35 for the concert ticket. ‘I don’t think anyone should be his fan, I really don’t,’ said Dixon. And while she’s no longer a supporter, her mother always taught her to try and be the better person and that’s what she’s committed to doing. ‘I forgive him. I just wish he would’ve never done it, but I do want to thank everyone out there for all your support,’ Dixon said.”

I wish we womenfolk would stop forgiving (and supporting) these wastes of perfectly good eggs from one’s ovaries. But that is an essay for another day…

According to TMZ, after an investigation, Lakeland, Fla. police have decided to charge Gates with simple battery and for being an all-around terrible human being. In response to the charges, the dirtbag made a diss track about Dixon, claiming that he kicked her in self-defense after she touched his penis four times while performing. The song, which you can listen to here, incorporates classic Oscar the Grouch lyrics, including the following:

“Man in the mirror you way out of order
Go to jail who gonna look out for your daughter
All on the news bout what happened in Florida
Posted on Worldstar an iPhone recorded
She grabbed my d**k overreacted, I’m sorry
Two or three times I had already warned her
Edit that part out, I don’t like to argue
My children go with me to every performance

Wrong you should have respect for yourself
You a queen and you wasn’t respecting yourself
Ever been disrespected, you know how it felt
You don’t have to like me go love someone else”

If that is how some men think you’re supposed to treat “queens” then I’ll stay a “b***h.”

I especially like how the Father of the Year tries to evoke sympathy for what a possible jail sentence might mean for his daughter, who for some reason, was at a concert for adults 18 and over. Seriously, if he really gave a damn about the welfare of his offspring, he might want to start by producing more respectable and positive music.

Despite his claims that he was assaulted first, Dixon said that she wasn’t even the individual who touched his pant leg (not his penis). Those claims are backed up by the video. And based on how he has treated and regarded women in the past, I am inclined to believe her.

More specifically, in March, Gates got into a fight with three women on two separate occasions during a concert in Flint, Mich. He also has bragged in videos about having sex with his cousin and kicking a woman out of his place for refusing to have sex with his dog. And if that hasn’t completely turned your stomach, he once exploited his own grandmother for “likes” by posting pictures of her deceased body on Instagram.

In spite of his substantial history of being a dirtbag, there will be some who will want to defend him, so I will indulge. Let’s say for a second that Gates is telling the truth. Let’s say that Dixon is the illegitimate child of Stretch Armstrong and managed to reach all the way up to the stage and touch him inappropriately. He still had no right to put his hands or feet on her.

For one, fans at concerts reach out and touch artists on stage all of the time. As someone who does not like to be touched, period, I don’t know how entertainers do it day after day. Oh, yes I do: it is called security. The people hired to do crowd control. The people who have it in their authority to remove an unruly fan from the premises, particularly if they are behaving in an inappropriate and illegal manner. The people who can act as witnesses when said entertainer files charges for sexual assault against that unruly fan.

In other words, he had better options. But Gates probably didn’t want to exercise those options out of fear that snitching to his security for help might make him look like a punk. So instead he chose to act like an even bigger punk by kicking an innocent woman in the chest.

Pure trash.

Seriously, he should be ashamed of himself, which he probably is not. Therefore, it is up to us to shame him, preferably into oblivion. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am mighty sick and tired of these ungrateful degenerates making millions off of the abuse of women and getting passes for it.

It’s time that we as “queens” quit trying to recycle them into better human beings and leave them right where they belong: in the trash.

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