Camron Tells 13-Year Old Girl, “Your Mom Used To …”

January 23, 2015  |  

Cam, Cam..CAM!

Cam’ron, the lead lyricist of the Dipset crew, got the internet in a major uproar this morning when he made a startling revelation on his own social media.

The Harlem-raised rapper still stomps around his old neighborhood, which resulted in a very inappropriate and strange moment with a 13-year-old. Here is what happened.

Apparently, the 13-year old, who is from Uptown, was under the impression that Cam is her uncle. The girl was told that her mother was the one that made Killa Cam a family member and a generous one at that. As his niece, she had been receiving some sort of money from the rapper, Cam’ron would reveal later.

In a wild twist, Cam took things to another level in the social media realm.

Cam’ron told the girl on Instagram, “I’m not your uncle. I don’t know your grandma, auntie, nothing. Your mom used to suck our ***k back in the day. I came up, so she told you I’m your uncle so I give you $20 – $30 dollars every time I ***king see you.”

The mother is upset at the rapper for good reason

But, Cam’ron apparently doesn’t care. At the beauty salon, he posted another video talking to a woman as she got her hair done.

Woman: “You wrong for saying that to that little girl.”

Cam: “I don’t give a ***k – ***k that man.”

Woman: “Her mother’s pissed.”

Cam’ron: “***k her too. Tell her I’m the earring wearing, gold chain wearing, jet-flying, Bentley driving fly mother f**ker.”

After I posted this on my social media, the response was clear: for Cam’ron to say this to a 13-year old was wrong as racism.

“Brothas need to start ignoring dumb N***AZ like this,” said Sean Barnes, a rapper. “It is time to show REAL MEN doing REAL S**T and making GROWN MAN musik. I have a niece. These dudes are CLOWNZ. REAL MEN stand up and denounce these scumbags…money don’t make you a man.”

The comments under Cam’ron’s post were more varied.

Some of the posts even praised Cam for his honesty and said that it was all the mother’s fault for allegedly having sexual relations with the rapper. Others charged that the act of telling isn’t such a big deal, because girls of that age are either knowledgeable of what goes on sexually or are already doing it themselves.

I could definitely carry on about how wrong Cam was, because I definitely feel he was fouling flagrantly on this one – way out of bounds. I have opted to go another route. I’ll see if he is willing to speak on it to determine what was on his mind, why he went about the revelation in such a public way and if he sees any sort of wrongdoing on his part.

Years ago, I followed Cam’ron, Jim Jones and the whole Dipset crew for my first cover story at The Source magazine and I left all those hours of observation and interviews with the deep impression that these guys are smarter than people give them credit for. I’m not sure what he will say, if anything, but we’ll see.

Note: We’ve chosen not to publish the videos.

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