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Grace. Sophistication. Style. Elegance. Cultural Taste Maker. Nurturer. Seductively Avant-Garde….. Neffi Walker encompasses all of this while raising four children and being a full-time entrepreneur.

The recent release of her lifestyle blog ( went viral with over 20,000 views in just a matter of one month and has garnered attention globally. Neffi is also the fashion editor for The Fashion Addicts.

With 15 years in marketing and an extensive knowledge of public relations, Neffi started her career in the events field focusing on sports and entertainment, working with brands including Adidas, Nike, Everglo, and Verizon. Neffi’s thirst and love for design, fashion, art and all things beautiful, has made each endeavor she partakes in seem almost effortless.

Last year, alongside her partner Tamara Jones, she launched Averil Elin, a clutch bag line designed with colorful Ankara patterns. They sold out of every item in a matter of two months.

Neffi also designs Transparency93, a clothing line based on her own personal aesthetic, which is set to launch in May 2014.

Neffi is also principle and CEO of Kennedi Price Baby, a luxurious natural skincare line created while she was pregnant with her fourth child, Nile Kennedi. In April 2014, Neffi will introduce Kennedi Price Baby to the masses at a star studded event in Soho, NYC. Neffi believes that your life and interests do not halt due to motherhood, it enhances them!  Every win and loss that Neffi encounters is authored on her self-titled site Neffi Walker, giving a fresh and truthful light inside the life of a mother, and the mind of a creative and entrepreneur.

This busy lady took the time to sit down and chat with us recently, we think you’ll love getting to know Neffi as much as we did:

Your businesses have grown out of your passions for design and sustainability. Tell me how they each started?
When we planned to have Nile, my eating habits where completely out of control. I drank a Red Bull for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! My pregnancy with Nile was a difficult one as I had a lot of life-shifting happening. We bought a house and I redesigned every inch with sustainability in mind. From solar panels to reclaimed wood to eco-friendly paint on the walls–everything was created with Nile in mind and a “clean and organic” way of living.  I also didn’t want to give her anything non-organic to digest so I ate very clean, I wouldn’t put any lotions on my body that had toxins, in other words, I went from being a garbage mouth to a flower child in a matter of a month.
So Kennedi Price Baby was born from you actually having a baby…

I couldn’t find lotions or products I could use for her when she arrived that gave me a luxurious feel. Everything was very fig and berry looking as far as packaging and the scents where basic. During my sixth month of pregnancy, I decided to research what it would take financially to create a company that would encompass my personality as far as packaging and my love for Nile into a bottle. I ambitiously launched Kennedi Price Baby the day I gave birth to Nile and shortly after suffered a terrible bout of postpartum depression and post traumatic stress disorder. I lost the ability to speak for about a week and had to regain the use of words…slowly. I was forced to bring my world to a halt and re-focus on my health. I’m happy to say throughout that time I sold over 50,000 bottles via word of mouth! This Easter I’ll publicly launch the first Kennedi Price Baby event in Soho, NYC.

That’s awesome! What’s in your plan for business and life in the near future? What are some of your ultimate goals…
Ultimate goals…write a book, a hit show on HBO or Showtime about parenting that I could actually relate to. I am also designing a clothing line that is based on my esthetic coming out this year, so stay tuned for that. As for a personal goal, I am learning French so I can help my sister in Senegal with her organization LEAAF, and also to live for two years with the girls in Paris; I adore Paris. My heart feels at home there so I need to follow my feelings.
What are your tips for juggling family/work/relationships/self? Is there ever really balance?

I don’t believe there is such thing as a balance in life. I do believe you can deal with one thing at a time, day by day. That’s honestly how I deal with life. I allow my focus to be on the moment and on that moment only without any distractions and complete a task. Sometimes in life that isn’t a possibility, but for the most part it works really well with all that I have going on each day.

I asked you about what you dreamed of as a young girl…what are your dreams now as a woman?
My dreams as a woman… to continue to live a life of service–it is just that simple. I have done so much in my now 40 years that I am proud of and I would just continue to push myself as an individual and help everyone I can along the way.
You can follow Neffi on all social media outlets @neffiwalker.

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