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While the Marley family is synonymous with greatness, their message also aligns with health consciousness. Cedella Marley, the first child of Reggae legend Bob Marley maintains a Vegetarian lifestyle as well as glowing skin all while managing many roles as mother, wife, and fashion designer! The mother of three boys produces a segment on her official website called Cooking with C; there, she posts delicious recipes including Vegan Egg Nog. Marley admits that her body craves health. She recently opened up about the benefits of being a vegetarian, the importance of eating healthy and revealed her beauty secrets to healthy-looking skin.

MommyNoire: Did you or are you raising your children to be vegetarians as well, if so tell us why?

I have three sons and of course I encourage them to eat healthy. My middle child actually chose to be a vegetarian. I really leave it up to them to choose if they will eat meat or not, but they have to eat what is in my household which is always healthy.

How long have you been a vegetarian and did your father Bob Marley or mother Rita Marley inspire your journey at all?

I have been vegetarian since around the age of 18. My grandmother Cedella Booker inspired my vegetarian lifestyle. She was never sick, always seemed happy and possessed a certain glow I was drawn to. It also drastically reduced her weight.

What was it like in the Marley household as far as eating healthy is considered?

Daddy was a juicer, so the Marley household was always filled with natural juices and fruits. He loved making a variety of mixtures and concoctions.

You’ve aged very gracefully, what is your facial regimen and what products do you use to keep your skin looking healthy?

Skincare is very important to me. I make it a point to stay out of the sun. When I work out, I cover my face with Albolene, as the sweat combined with the product, moisturizes the skin. Oh, and I use a lot of Clarins product as they have natural ingredients.

Why do you think it’s important to be a conscious eater?

It is important because our body is a vessel; what we put in it is what we get out of it.

Do you consider your diet a challenge? Are you ever tempted by foods that you shouldn’t be eating?

Being a vegetarian is not a diet, it’s a way of life. I am very lucky I don’t have sweet tooth, therefore I am never really tempted. I think my body would reject sweets as my mental and physical discipline has trained my body to crave health.

What are some of the benefits you’ve noticed with your healthier lifestyle?

I can say that I am rarely sick, I have energy for days I have an outer and inner glow that I attribute to both food and vitamins.

Speaking of your recipes, what are your favorite meals to cook and your favorite juices to juice while cleansing?

I am not into cleansing as I believe in balance and moderation. My favorite meal to cook is a seasoned rice using a blend of different vegetables. I always cook with coconut milk and I am loving Ziggy’s Coco’Mon. When I do have juice, I love any type berry blend but they must have Spirulina.

What advice/tips do you have for young women/mothers making the transition into healthier food diets?

Make it fun—it’s not hard! When I started, I made many variations of tofu in a variety of dishes. There is a ton of room for experimenting; you just have to be smart and creative with seasoning.


Lathleen Ade-Brown is a freelance journalist living in New York.

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