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Change can be a good thing if you’re willing to accept it.

This has been something I struggled with in my life as I always try to plan for any and every outcome. As you would expect, this is pretty much impossible. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) I have to remind myself that things will work out the way they were meant to — even if the ultimate plan differs from my blueprint. There are days when I wish I received recognition in a big publication like one of my colleagues, or had 500,000 Facebook followers for my business endeavor. Who wouldn’t question their own hustle? Am I doing enough? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? God knows how hard I work to make my dreams come to fruition. Why can’t I reap some of those achievements?

It can be very easy to not only beat yourself up, but also develop jealous thoughts — even if unintentionally — towards people who have the very blessing you want.


Did you ever stop to think that what you thought you’re suppose to do is actually not what you’re intended to become? At some point you might need to let go and concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

I know, it’s crazy to think about — especially when you consider how many inspirational figures tells us to never give up. While it’s great to be relentless about your goals, you do need to face reality. Just because your life is headed in a direction you didn’t originally intend or imagine doesn’t mean you can’t see success. In fact, there could be a reason why you keep hitting roadblocks with your specific endeavors.

This is one of the reasons why I think it’s important to keep a journal. When you’re thick in a situation, it can become hard to see all the progress you made over the years, and think you didn’t do a dang thing. It’s so funny to read entries I wrote a decade ago. I seriously thought I was going to be the next Martha Stewart. Seeing as she just sold her empire for a fraction of its worth, I’ll pass. Sure I didn’t get the corner offer overlooking Central Park, but you know what, things aren’t that bad. In fact, I have more flexibility that allows me to balance new business ventures and family life.

The point I’m trying to make is this: Don’t hold on so tightly to an idea or dream you know isn’t going anywhere, but refuse to accept as the truth. In efforts not to think of yourself as a “failure,” you will more than likely delay progress in the area you were meant to conquer. It doesn’t mean you can’t see success down the road, but why not enjoy a little bit of that tasty pie right now?

For all you know, you’re looking at a piece to your life puzzle and not the entire picture.

If I held on to aspirations I had in my 20s, I would probably be a one-trick pony wondering where I went wrong.

Do you feel your life heading in a direction you didn’t intend? Are you willing to take the journey down the rabbit hole to uncharted territory, or stay with your original plans that might turn out to be a sinking ship?

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