Fair-Weather Friends, Shrinking Boobs And More Things No One Tells You About Losing Weight

July 1, 2015  |  
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When you lose a significant amount of weight, a lot more changes than just the numbers on the scale. While the rewards are fantastic, it’s not all roses along the way.

Your Significant Other May Struggle To Support You

The couple that eats pizza on the couch together stays together. But when one of you starts hitting the gym, wearing shorter shorts, and trading in the pizza for quinoa, it can lead to insecurities and trouble in paradise.

The Temptation Will Be Great

When you’re overweight, you’re quick to ask, “Are you going to eat all of that?” But go on a diet and everyone wants to know if you’re “sure you don’t want some of this?”

You’ll Become One Of Those People You Hated

The ones who are always going on about calories, carbs and miles logged at the gym. But you’ll also realize that focusing on your weight all the time is one of the only ways to get it off.

You’ll Let Go Of A Lot Of Emotional Baggage

When you stop eating your feelings, you have to confront them. Finally dealing with those issues will make your load a lot lighter.

You’ll Be More Honest With Yourself

More honest about why your jeans are getting snug, about calorie content, and why you’re really craving that pan of cornbread…

Your Taste Buds Will Change

Change your diet and it’s only rough for about the first six weeks. After that, your cravings for your old foods will wane.

You’ll Have Vivid Food Dreams

I’m talking dancing cupcakes and all-you-can-eat buffets. I consider it a cheat day without the consequences.

The Compliments Won’t Always Come

They haven’t seen the new you, so you give them a big, proud “Hello!” when you step into the room.


The haters will let you know when you’ve got your sexy back.

Your Fashion Game Will Suffer

Changing sizes all the time can be rough on your wardrobe and your wallet.

You’ll Realize How Much Those Around You Talk About Overweight People

They just didn’t say it around you before…

Some Of Your Old Friendships Will Struggle

Go through any life-changing event and things in your world are going to get shaken up a bit. Sometimes even the best friends don’t grow in the same direction.

Your Boobs Will Shrink

Fat loves to hang around where it’s not wanted, but leave the places where it’s needed.

Your Shoe Size Can Change

I had no idea feet could get fat until I went down half a size after shedding the pounds.

Your Self-Confidence Will Skyrocket

Because if you can make progress when it comes to your biggest obstacle, everything else feels like child’s play!

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