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Friendships with your homegirls are always fun, unless you have the following four types of homegirls…

The “attention complex” girlfriend

You and your girlfriends are all a fabulous-looking bunch, and you know it! But, there’s one girlfriend who seems to know it more than anyone else. She believes she must be the recipient of all compliments and ogling that comes from men…including your man. If you want to have a harmonious relationship with both your boo and your attention-complex homegirl, learn to articulate her place in your space. If she doesn’t need to be flirting with your man, tell her so. Directly. Then, move on.

The “impossibilities” girlfriend

Do you have a homie that’s just the biggest naysayer in the history of naysaying? You know, that person who’s more eager to tell you why something is impossible than she is to tell you how she can help? Stay away altogether or limit your interaction with this NO-woman. While “yes men” aren’t exactly healthy friends to have (since you do want challenge and debate in your life), you don’t want to harness a relationship with people who enjoy pointing out all the negative and impossible aspects of life–including those that color your relationships!

The “enabler”

You know a situation is bad for you, your other friends know it, but you have this one girlfriend you’ll call about the situation, because you know she’ll encourage you to see the brighter side of the situation–when she really should be telling you to run! Yes, she makes you feel good and your friendship may be seemingly great, but enablers can get you into more trouble than you need…and with those kinds of girlfriends amping you up to do your worst, you’ll find yourself increasingly mad at them and yourself when poor choices come back to haunt you!

The “secret crusher”

Girlfriends who secretly crush on other people’s boyfriends–including yours!–are clearly not the best to keep around. If you think your girlfriend’s crushes are playful and cute (like Nene’s crush on Cynthia’s husband Peter, from the show “Real Housewives of Atlanta”) then sure, take the risk, since crushes that are openly expressed are better than those held in secret. But, be fairly warned: girls that crush on your “oh-so-cute” man, may destroy their relationships with you, and yours with your mate.

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