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I recently received several questions that pertained to the vagina and other reproductinve organs. I could answer these questions but I thought that we should call on “America’s OBGYN” Dr. Drai Chief Medical Director of Dr. Drai is a friend of mine who knows everything about the vagina.

Vaginal Hygiene

Dr. Renee: Why does bubble bath pose a threat to vaginal health?

Dr. Drai: Baths in general pose a threat. Women love taking bubble baths to relax after a stressful day. However, the bubbles can get in the vagina and cause irritation and infections. Ladies- bubbles are meant for the air, not the tub!  Instead, buy a stool for your bathtub so you can sit and relax while taking a shower.  And let’s not forget about all the chemical products we use to clean our tubs.  Where do you think that residue ends up?  You get the picture.

Dr. Renee: Now I recently addressed this question, Ask Dr. Renee: Is It Safe To Douche? I thought I would get Dr. Drai’s perspective on this very popular quesiton.

Dr. Drai: This is a generational favorite- especially among Black folks! Your grandmother told your mom to douche, your mom told you to douche, and you are planning to tell your daughter to douche. Many of you ladies are still doing this after your period or after sex. Stop the cycle! Douching washes out the good bacteria in your vagina.

Dr. Renee: We have been asked about using apple cider vinegar to clean the vagina? What about Dettol?

Dr. Drai: As far as  Apple cider vinegar- There’s no scientific evidence that proves this works. And for Dettol (West Indian cultures) – Don’t use this one at all. This is a disinfectant.

Dr. Renee: Let me make certain this is clear, it is not necessary for us to use anything besides water and washcloth to clean our vaginas?

Dr. Drai: That is absolutely correct Dr. Renee.


Dr. Renee: Is there a real link between fibroids and relaxers?

Dr. Drai: There’s a weak association. One study found that women who were getting relaxers had a higher rate of fibroids. Another study found that girls who had periods earlier had fibroids. The period may have occurred due to having relaxed hair. Remember ladies- hair products aren’t regulated by the FDA.

Dr. Renee: Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent fibroids?

Dr. Drai: There are no proven scientific measures you can take to prevent fibroids from developing.


Dr. Renee: While we are talking about hair products and our health can you shed some light on the theory that you should not relax nor color your hair while pregnant?

Dr. Drai: It has not been proven if chemicals in hair dye can cause miscarriages, birth defects, or any other pregnancy complications. There also aren’t any studies that prove these substances are safe. Use them after the first trimester if desired. Highlighting or streaking your hair, both processes that involve less scalp contact, may be safer.

Ladies if you are someone that chronically suffers from yeast infections then perhaps it is because you are not practicing good vaginal hygiene. I know we all want it to feel and smell fresh so instead of all the fancy soaps and products eat fruits like pineapples and mangos to help with the odors in your vagina. I hope we have all learned some new information about our vaginas and other reproductive organs. Dr. Drai has a free e-book on his website called “20 Things You May Not Know About The Vagina”. In the book he sheds light on some other things you may or may not have thought about. If you have any more questions Ask Dr. Renee.







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