Jason Derulo Explains Why He Wrote “Marry Me” And Had Jordin Sparks In The Video If He Wasn’t Ready For Marriage

October 1, 2014  |  


If you didn’t get the memo, Jason Derulo is on his 2014 breakup tour, and is speaking to whomever will interview him about why things didn’t work out with Jordin Sparks. Despite all the theories, including that he let his new much bigger dose of fame get in between his relationship because he wanted to be “outchea,” and that he led Sparks on about marriage, he says that’s not true. Derulo claims that they argued about a lot of things, including marriage. The 25-year-old and Sparks, who is 24, couldn’t see eye-to-eye on that. So the big question has been, why write a song called “Marry Me” and put Sparks in the video?

That’s what Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez asked him when he visited Hot 97 yesterday. This was his explanation:

“I wrote the song because of the pressure. I wanted to say that we’ve got time. You know what I’m saying? There’s NO rush. When the time is right, I will say, ‘will you marry me?’ When the time is right.”

Derulo also spoke more about why things didn’t work:

“It was a situation where there was a lot of arguing going on. Different pressures of marriage, not just from her perspective, but from the world in general.”

If he thinks they will reconcile:

“It’s not too far gone, I wouldn’t say that.”

And whether or not he thinks she hates his guts right now:

“I don’t know, I haven’t talked to her in a little minute. Like two weeks. The last conversation was dinner. We was sitting in Katana. We had a argument about a specific something that I don’t want to mention. That argument just kind of did it for me. After that point, I didn’t really want to talk to her at all. After that specific argument–it wasn’t like it was all because of that, but it was the last straw. Something can get so unhealthy that at some point you have to walk away. If you’re arguing all the time and it’s more bad than good, you just gotta make that decision. ‘What are we doing here?’

He also addressed whether or not he was talking so much about their split for attention knowing that he and Jordin will probably get back together sooner than later. Here’s what he had to say.

“I wish that was what it really was. I don’t need that kind of stuff. I always keep it about the music and the music has always done its thing. I’ve never been that kind of person to just muster up something so that people could buy my music.”

As for Sparks, she spoke to Wendy Williams this morning about the split. Well, kind of. When asked how she is doing, she said she’s doing great. And she looked great by the way:

“I’m good. Really, I’m good. I know you don’t think I’m good, but I’m good.”

After Wendy told her that she’s way too young for marriage anyway, she was asked if she and the public put pressure on Jordin about marriage after the “Marry Me” video:

“We set ourselves up for that.”

And she was asked whether or not infidelity played a part in the end of their relationship. She didn’t say yes, but Sparks didn’t say no either…

“I actually don’t want to comment on that.”

I would like to see these two work things out because they were adorable together, but all this talking? It’s probably not going to make coming back together very easy…

Check out Derulo’s interview with Hot 97 below:

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