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So let’s just skip over the fancy lede and jump right into the fuckery: is there a gay agenda to turn black women into drag queens so that gay men can steal all of the available straight black men?

Yeah, when it is written out like that, it does sounds kind of stupid and paranoid. However you’d be surprise by how often I hear this belief casually slip out of the mouth of so-called reasonable, rational and even educated women.

Take for example, this blog post on Eden Decoded,“The ‘Dragging’ Down of the Black Woman’s Image, which was written by Nya Major, who according to her bio is an expert in Biotheological Psychology. What the hell is that? Good question and we’ll discuss more on that later. But just know that she is an expert in this mystery science. And she also likes hashtags, particularly: #PROFamily, which she also made sure to include in her bio. Anyway, Major the hobbyist biotheology psychologist and hashtag #PROFamily-lover, has raised an interesting question about the evolution of black women’s appearance on television and in the larger black community. And by interesting, I mean: hey y’all, you got to read this sh*t…

She writes:

I gotta get this off my chest: I’m noticing more and more Black Women choosing to look like men in drag aka transgender women.

From the fake yaki hair, to the fake bat wing lashes, to the mounds of over-the-top eye & face makeup, to the clownish platform heels, to the over-exaggerated facial expressions and mannerisms…it’s all just too much.

When did black women stop looking like women?”

Hashtag: #OhItGetsWorse…

Major goes on to recount how she has been viciously assaulted, almost daily, on her many trips to the local Walmart and out to eat at restaurants by this “drag-queenish Woman,” who, she says, walks around “mean-mugging” her through one-inch fake eyelashes. Why these meta-RuPauls have issues with Major in particular is beyond my full comprehension considering she thinks so highly of them. However Major speculates that it has something to do with the evil and diabolical gay agenda, which she says is being implanted by the drag culture present on these reality television shows – by way of black women-characters with “unclean faces” and fake hair – in order to brainwash the black women into flare and extravaganza.

The ultimate goal of the agenda, Major writes, is to steal black women’s femininity away from us. Just like Gollum did to Frodo’s precious ring. These rainbow colored Smeagels are going to steal our femininity, mix it with some shea butter to make a spreadable souffle, and smear it all over their gay bodies. And they will use this magical potion, made from black women’s stolen femaleness, to swindle women-only loving black men out of some peen. And that is how middle Earth will die.

Good thing Major and all her biotheological psychology expertise are around to hip us to the scheme or we might have continued being unsuspecting pawns in a ploy meant to get all the black women of the world to mimic black men, who mimic black women (because we should all know that female impersonation, aka the drag queens, are just the pageantry and commentary based on womenhood?) Unfortunately this bit of knowledge is too late in the game to save many black women in the community, who by Major’s estimations, have already fallen prey to the spirit gum and the platform pumps. However there is glimmer of hope as Major has a plan. And it’s a good one. She writes:

I refuse to knowingly allow a gay man to style may hair, coordinate my outfits, dictate my makeup style or teach me how to switch my ass when I walk.

My black sistas, I’m going to let you in on a secret that many gay men know amongst themselves: They really want to phase out the very things that make you truly beautiful, your GENUINE FEMINITY.”

Let’s just pause here for a second to emphasize that a word or term is neither important unless you write that shit in all caps. But I’mma let her finish:

Gay men have cleverly fed into your insecurities, all the while they coordinated a collective effort to level the playing field so that there’s physically no superficial difference between transgender women and Black Women. And guess what, too many black women have fallen for it.

So now we have a generation of women who have embraced every fiber of homosexuality, including its look, at the expense of losing their true femininity.

And worse of all, black women have made it very easy for cross-dressing, ‘transgender’ women, to pose as women. Transgender women have lowered your stock value as naturally-born woman, and raised their stock as a “best of both worlds.

I hear ya’ Major: the pickings of available men, particularly black men, at times can feel frightening. But listen Linda listen, this big gay conspiracy theory to steal the straight men, is just not working for me. And here’s why…

First off, let’s acknowledge that sexuality is complicated. And I agree with Majors that it is possible that a person can spend their entire life into one gender and “suddenly” switch teams. But our personal sexuality is a little more concretely shaped than what she might believe. Right after Antoine Dobson announced that he had prayed the gay out of his life and joined the Hebrew Israelites, I interviewed a human sexuality coach, counselor and educator, who informed me that it is “our orientation, which tells us what we are attracted, or sexually stimulated, by; our behavior is what you act on; and your identity is basically how a person sees themselves, which explains why we have folks out here, who might be orientation and behaviorally queer, but identify as straight. But while your behavior and identity can change, your orientation, who you are attracted to, pretty much remains in tact.”

In other words, if a man likes women, there is no amount of trickery or magic voodoo, which is going to suddenly not make him stop desiring women. Moreover there is nothing that women can physically or emotionally do to push men into to loving people, who physically look like women but have a penis.

Now what is more likely is that the men, who go cross gender lines sexually, just was already oriented to want to do so. And you know what? It happens. And probably lots. Even with men. We don’t like to talk about it much because Westernized black men are typically more guarded about sexuality. I think it has something to do with slavery.

However as the human sexuality coach I interviewed suggests that other influences includes “internal and external environment factors, including not being settled emotionally with who they are, pressure from family and others in their social networks and of course religious influence.” And of course, religion.

And that brings me to biotheological psychology, which after a quick google search shows that outside of Major, there are no other searchable experts in the field – nor is there much in the way of evidence to even suggest it is a field. In fact the closest thing to another expert in the field is a website called Horses Helping Troubled, which has a whole bunch of stuff on there about deserts, horses and God. I still have no idea what any of it means. However this essay on biology theological (minus the psychology) mentions that it is a field of spiritual psychological study, founded by Emanuel Swedenborg, which in layman’s terms, is like cognitive therapy with religious based twist. Sounds divine – or hellish

You do have to wonder about a field of study, which is instructing people that it is okay to treat homosexuality as a problem to be fixed or avoided. Or that doesn’t even acknowledge how transgender and drag queens are not the same thing. And how a transgendered person can also be a woman (unless he is a transgendered man), just not one biologically born one. Now I am aware that the last statement will cause all sorts of controversy but really, why does it matter?

As human beings, we can only control ourselves and our decisions. And as women, we really shouldn’t have to be thinking this hard and leaning on these extreme beliefs just to keep and force men to stay around. That’s just not love; that’s actually fear, insecurity and jadedness about the opposite sex (because you have to be super jaded about men to believe that they all can be “stolen” away by the gays) masked as love. My advice is to let go and truly let God. As what is meant for you, doesn’t require any sort of conspiracy or super-sleuthing from you. But what do I know? I am not a biotheological psychologist.

However if any of you really feel that biological women are going to become obstacle, I assure you that there is no need to fret: someone has to be the hand maidens of the world and birth the biological children for our gay overlords, which is not that much different than what some of us are doing for our heterosexual massas…


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