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A couple of days ago we told you that TV host Wendy Williams got pretty emotional during a recent taping of her show as she discussed Madonna’s close relationship with her 13-year-old son, Rocco.

“Rocco is 13 years old and Rocco is a real fan of his mother,” Wendy said before making her emotional confession. “What I discovered this weekend is my son doesn’t like me anymore.”

Wendy went on to reveal that her son, Kevin Jr., has been very fond of his father these days, which often times leaves her feeling like the odd parent out. During a recent appearance on “The View,” Wendy further discussed her strained relationship with “little” Kev, which seems to be pretty temporary and the result of a phase that some teenage boys go through.

“First of all, I was on bed rest to have Kevin. I kept suffering 5-month miscarriages. And he never gave me morning sickness. As a baby he never cried. It’s almost like her knew that I struggled to have him. So I know that 13 and probably the next 5-8 years, according to how I remember me acting, he will be like this. His gravitation towards his father is a natural thing. They both have an affection for sneakers, fast cars…”

Wendy went on to say that she recently found that she constantly has to repeat herself when talking to Kevin because he doesn’t listen to her.

“For about the last year, it has been, ‘Kevin stop leaving tooth paste chunks in the sink’. You tell ‘em that once, you tell ‘em that three times.”

Of course, this is not uncommon behavior for a teenager. But when Barbara Walters suggested that, Wendy made it clear that she’s not going for it.

“If I ask you to do something once, you do it then. Barbara, I don’t play that.”

Wendy also shared that when Kevin saw her tearful breakdown, he reassured that he still loves her very much.

“He was off from school and he came down to my dressing room and was like, ‘Mommy, no I love you. You are so cool.’ I was trying to disrobe and he was like, ‘No, I can’t leave the room. I need to say this to you now so you understand.'”

“He made me a card after this happened. This ’5 Things I Love About Mom.'”

Aw, we’re glad that they patched that up!

Watch the full episode here.

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