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We told you last week about a very interesting interview singer Mario did with CocoaFab about his mother’s past drug addiction and the way it affected his relationships with women. And while that was a very eye-opening conversation, one big part we forgot to share was the early part of the interview where Mario spilled on his love life. The crooner talked about the “fatal distraction” he calls his past relationship with Amber Rose’s former best friend, Dez (who was also his ex-manager’s lady at the time), the former homie who tried to blast her in the media, why he’s often the other man to the women he messes with, and why at this point and time, he’s just not looking for love. Of course, all of this will make some pretty dope new music for his upcoming album. Here is what he had to say about his very…colorful love life:

With a song on his album called “Fatal Distraction,” Mario is asked if he’s ever had such a woman in his life–“a girl you really wanted but who was no good for you.” According to Necole Bitchie, this “fatal distraction” is a woman named Dez, the former best friend of Amber Rose:

“Yeah I have. Wow. It was my ex-manager’s ex-girlfriend. So it was a really bad situation. And that sort of influenced this song a little bit.

At the time it was off limits. We knew each other for a long time and that influenced me. I was in a very rebellious place in my life and I wasn’t using my head properly. It was fatal distraction. Looking back, that’s something I will never do again because as a man no matter how good the temptation may be it’s something I’ll never do again.

I think we always want what we can’t have. Until we get it, and then you realize it wasn’t for you in the first place.”

The singer also has a song on his upcoming album called “Somebody Else” with Nicki Minaj, and of course, that’s inspired by real life. He was asked if he’s ever been a “somebody else” to a woman in a relationship:

“I’ve always been the somebody else. Most of my relationships– and I’ve changed my frequency a bit—but a lot of the women I met a year or two years ago, they were either just getting out of a relationship or they are looking to get out of the relationship that they were currently in. So I’ve definitely been somebodies’ somebody else. And I’ve had situations where I’ve dated a girl and things didn’t work out and she leaves, then comes back. It’s all about what you put into the situation. Every cause has an effect. So it’s just the way the universe works out. You have to think about your decision because you’ll see the results in four of five months.”

Why he’s not looking to be in love right now:

“At this point in my life, I’m not really looking to be in love. My theory is that it takes two people to be in love and being in love is an agreement that you both make. Right now I’m looking to have really great relationships. Not just sexual or intimate relationships because that naturally happens, but relationships that are beneficial to growth, emotionally and spiritually and physically. I like having cool chicks around me. My perception of women has changed over the past three years. Because of the way I grew up, my perception of women was distorted and I think as a young man of color sometimes your upbringing can distort your view of women and you have to work to correct that. Being 26 now, I see life in a different way. I’m not looking to have one-on-one relationships, I’m looking to have a plethora of good healthy relationships that could possibly lead to something more serious in the future.”

Don’t know about you, but I can respect the honesty. He made some big mistakes in his past relationships and now he knows he needs to slow it down and do better. Check out him talking about being a passionate lover and his new music at CocoaFab.

What do you think of his comments?

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