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“He just couldn’t handle it because you’re too awesome and too pretty.”

That is one of my favorite lines from the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You.”  The context is a woman consoling a friend. Some guy never bothered calling the young lady back.  It’s a hilarious line, but we really do say inane things like that to each other and ourselves. Do you really think ol’ boy didn’t call back because you are too awesome and pretty? Of course not.  Yet, when that happens, we see ourselves and our friends take to Twitter, Facebook, BBMs or whatever else is at hand to proclaim “I’m a five star chick. He didn’t measure up. Keep it movin” or something to that effect.

Now, I love to see my fellow young women espouse their worth and not settle for a man who doesn’t have any act-right, but I see something else bubbling beneath those sister-warrior words.  In my experience, when someone has nothing but bombastic, self-important things to say, that person is usually overcompensating for low self-esteem.

People like to say that today’s technology breeds narcissism because we share every little bit of our lives—from what we eat to what socks we’re wearing—with thousands or millions of people everyday. It seems we think our little lives are very important.  I’m just not buying it though.

Let’s face it, all of us are not five-star chicks and that’s fine. It’s okay to be a nice or average looking woman with a decent job, good intentions and tangible goals. Is it all the over-the-top “style” and gaudiness pervading the blog posts and TV screens that make us believe we can’t just be around the way girls?

When I see all these status updates and tweets from grown women that sound like leftovers from a Nicki Minaj verse, I just feel sad. I want to tell those women that it’s fine—more than fine—to be a regular girl and still have standards and expect guys to be respectful and chivalrous. You don’t have to be a “diva” for people to like you or treat you well. If a guy doesn’t call you back, it’s probably not because you were too impossibly great for him. He just wasn’t that into you. No need to make a up a scenario. It happens to everybody. We still love you. Really.

When you constantly see those “baddest Beyotch” messages and status updates from your friends, do you think your girls are actually that conceited or in need of a hug?

And just for kicks, what would you give yourself (looks-wise) on a scale from 1 to 10? Honestly.

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