True Life: I Remember My First Crush

October 26, 2012  |  

There’s nothing quite as sweet as your first crush. The stolen glances, innocent fantasies and awkward interactions all made for such an enchanting, unforgettable experience. We asked our Facebook followers whether or not they remembered their first crushes. See what they had to say. 

Angel: Something I had on him. 2nd-6th grade. I always crush on the same person for years. Lol. Every valentines day I would give him a v day card when the whole grade exchanged them. He saw me putting one in his box in the 5th grade and got mad and that hurt my feelings but now he is ugly so it’s all good. lol

Chelsea: my first crush was a friend lol turned into a lover then turned back into friendship lol

LaToya: my middle school math and science teacher. oooh he was so fine. lol

Myesha: Yes Kindergarten. I was infatuated. In my mind, he was Usher. He liked me too but it was around that time that all the girls had “cooties” so he denied it. One time we sat on the couch together watching “All That” on Nickelodeon sharing an orange soda…I kept this crush until the 3rd grade. I had a diary where I wrote all about him. I left it at my grandmother’s house and my Aunt read it and told him. He was embarrassed and would never talk to me again. I was devastated and pissed off at my Aunt! Lol I later developed a crush on his much more attractive, older brother who was a substitute teacher at my school one time Lol

Veronica: My first crush was in PRESCHOOL!!! lol we used to play house (the rated g version) and i thought he was the cutest kid… My mom said he wasn’t as cute as i made him seem but he was sweet and really

Davina: OMG this question takes me back, lol. My first crush was on this boy named Ronald. I was in kindergarten or first grade. He was in my class and he used to make me jewelry in art class and buy me notebooks with kittens on them (cuz I love cats). We went on a field trip to the museum and my mom was one of the parent chaperones. Some boys were teasing Ronald about liking me and instead of denying it he got up and rapped “I Need Love” by LL Cool J to me in front of the whole bus. LOL. I remember thinking it was so sweet and smiling this cheesy grin. When he got done my friend was like, “You know since he did that in front of the whole class that means he is your boyfriend now.” My mom said it took everything in her not to laugh out loud because he was so serious. So after that he was my boyfriend which meant he had to sit next to me and play with me at recess. LOL. Ah young love, how innocent. I heard he is in jail now so…yeah.

Trellony: Yes my 1st crush luckingly had a crush on me too. We was on the same track team in 7th-9th grade. He waa my 1st kiss had the same bday & was so we were a young version of mike epps & tyra banks from thr movie higher learning. Unfortunately, while we dated he died if a brain tumor at age 17. that was my 1st crush & 1st death of a person I truly loved..

Nakina: Hell yeah I remember his bum A$$! Ughh (chills*)… I loved that boy hard, and I mean hard!! I remember it like it was yesterday- 5th grade….. Aaah memories!!! Lol!! Tho he never liked me:-/lol!!

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