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When we saw the trailer for “For Colored Girls,” we had many thoughts.  First: is Tyler Perry going to give us a decent film? But a close second: some of our favorite actresses are in this film and many of them have been around for a while, yet we never get tired of them.

Looking at Phylicia Rashad and Loretta Devine still getting top billing, it is absolutely evident that there is something to be said for putting in consistent work and sticking to your craft.  And while we’re still not sure that Whoopie can really pull playing a serious nun after three installments of ‘Sister Act,’ there’s a good reason why longevity will always pays the bills.

As Mesdames, we know the value of hard work.  It’s who we are what we do.  But in a world that reveres moving on up and fast track promotions, it can seem like we’re the tortoise and the hares are hopping past here, there and everywhere.  But don’t stress: good old fashioned hard work is never out of style.  And as a general rule of thumb, the flashes in the pan never get critical acclaim.

No matter how much hype surrounds a one-hit entertainer, until that person proves consistency, people tend to write off the person as a fluke.  The climb up the career ladder in other fields is much the same.  One good presentation does not qualify you for a promotion.  If you demand before you’ve fully put in work, your presumptuousness can quickly overshadow the progress you have made.  You know you deserve to move up, but just think – have you fully proven your inner drive to the folks around you?

There is no easy way out of working your way up. But many of us think there is. Many of us are what I call staff Megan Foxes.  We get a great opportunity and instead of rolling with the punches, we suddenly become divas.  No, you may not be asking for colored M&M’s, but if your attitude reads, “I’m too good for this” be careful.  If your work doesn’t tell the same tale, you could end up finding yourself off the cast you’re on.

The time you’re spending proving yourself through the little things may seem like it’s being overlooked, but the truth is someone will notice your grind.  So don’t think of moving on up as a hop, skip and a jump and get ready to put in work for the long haul.  We’re not saying its glamorous work, it’s not supposed to be.  But doing the hard work now is the best way to guarantee years of success.

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