Lil Wayne’s Letter to Sports Illustrated: Is That Why Ladies Like Him?

August 30, 2010  |  

Untidy as his looks may be, and eager as we the supporters of a more moralistic America may have been to see him with just one wife (i.e. his ex, Toya), Lil Wayne has curried favor with many a woman in the industry.

In fact, he managed to father children with four…some of them simultaneously.

All who’ve had a baby by Wayne, please say aye:

Toya Carter? Aye.

Lauren London? Aye.

Nivea? Aye.

Sarah Vivan*? Aye.

For eons, we asked ourselves why and how. “Lil Wayne? Really? These women are sweating him that badly?we said as we judged his extremely random clan of hip-hop baby mamas with heavy hearts and bafflement.

We wondered whether any woman who would let the grossly tattooed, gold-toothed, generally unkempt, cough syrup-sipping Lil Wayne touch her was merely an insecure, short-sighted gal who would settle for any famous man with money.

Little did we realize that like all the seemingly nasty rock-and-rollers, Dennis Rodmans, and rapper McNasties out there who don’t care about preserving the notion of a family unit with (just) one good woman in America, there’s a “deeper,” almost charming side to Lil Wayne.

Firstly, Lil Wayne refuses to give up when beaten down–and who doesn’t love a man with perseverance? There’s something darn near inspirational about the fact that Lil Wayne still leads the music charts while incarcerated and, according to MTV, he’s dropping a new album on the day he’s released.

He is, indeed, a man who plans for the future. Isn’t that what your mama told you to bring home?


Secondly, this amazing man they call Lil Wayne can write. He is the only rapper that we know that can construct grammatically correct sentences about a subject matter other than booze or booty.

Don’t know about your experiences, but it seems, sometimes, that a man who has a way with words can have more of a way with women than a man who can barely speak. Take for instance Wayne’s recent exchange with Sports Illustrated.

The publication requested that Lil Wayne contribute to their U.S. Open blog from jail and here is what Wayne wrote back. Read that letter and tell me you’re not impressed by the vocab on that man!

The letter was published just last week. And while it might be a few months until Wayne returns from the can, many of his women and his fans will be waiting for him.

Few care that much about his physical presentation or his philosophy of fatherhood.

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