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Watching CNN late last night, there was a report on the firestorm coming down on the internet about the first lady Michelle Obama and her five-day trip to Spain. Apparently, folks have their panties in a bunch because they think it’s insensitive of Mrs. Obama to be taking a trip when so many Americans are unemployed and there are wars going on.

What do you think? Should Michelle be home knitting? Should she be in the White House pacing the floors?

Here are the facts about Michelle Obama’s vacation:

  • It’s a private trip, which means she and her husband are paying for the hotel and meals, not taxpayers as Rush Limbaugh is claimed. He even, in his usual ignorant way, said that the media is allowing her to take this vacation as a form of reparations for “our slave past.” Seriously?
  • She took daughter Sasha, 9, a few friends, and yes, a minimal amount of Secret Service, she is the first lady after all. She did not have an “estimated 70 Secret Service agents” as Andrea Tantaros, a former congressional staffer for Republican lawmakers, chided on
  • Presidential families take vacations all the time. It’s estimated that the Obamas–together and separately–will take a total of two-weeks vacation this summer. Sounds about average American vacation time to me…
  • Also on tap for Michelle and Sasha’s visit: a meeting with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain.

I know this is a discussion and Madames have yet to chime in, but I have to say that this is ridiculous! How dare people compare the first lady Marie Antoinette, the iconic former Queen of France, when it’s already been said that it’s a private trip and that the Obamas are paying for it. Yes, many people are unemployed and struggling–I was one of them–but do millionaires stop their lavish living because their is poverty in the world? And does that mean that everyone who has worked hard and is fortunate to be able to afford time away with friends and family shouldn’t?

Michelle Obama is the most visible woman in the world right now, so every step she makes is up for scrutiny and debate, but I think the Republicans–I say Republicans because it’s clearly their  intent to undermine the Democrats in general and the Obamas, specifically–are completely out of their minds. (See: Rush Limbaugh above)

So, I ask, is it wrong for Michelle Obama to be in Spain? Do you think Michelle is living the high-life and needs to take it down a notch?

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