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A 2014 live performance of Sir Mix-A-Lot rapping on an orchestrated version of “Baby Got Back” has resurfaced. Fans are torn by the sight of white women twerking to the song while others reminisce on the good times.

In 2014, YouTube captured clips of the electrifying performance inside the concert hall. White women were seen onstage playfully jumping around and twerking their rumps to the live orchestra while Sir Mix-A-Lot did what he did best and rocked the mic.

One white woman, in particular, shined at the front of the stage. Donned in a black dress, the dancing lady remained unapologetic about getting down and dirty and showing off her back. The clip features the acoustics of “Baby Got Back” paired with the cheerful screams of the concertgoers.

A clip of the memorable event has resurfaced, and fans are debating.

The new age of the internet has caught wind of a resurfaced clip of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 2014 live performance. Some commenters knew the changing times and loved the joy they witnessed.

“I smiled through the ENTIRE video. This was a great watch. Especially black dress. Relived her college days right there in that very moment,” a fan wrote.

“Nothing more heartwarming to watch a full group of middle aged women INSTANTLY become 18-26 again, the moves, the vibe, attitude, they don’t GAF and i LOVE IT !! Mix-A-Lot real for this fr, that be me in 2078 when they throw on ANYTHING PINK FRIDAY 2 LOL,” another comment chimed in.

Some others were shocked by the sight of white women twerking, noting that the experience would be different if it were Black women onstage.

“Try this at a black convention and see how that stage plays out. Our booties would give a total eclipse of the sun on this song!!!!! Good job, lady in black, though,” a viewer wrote.

“What in the Sunken Place Karen hell is going on here!?” someone questioned.

The 40 and up club in the comments took the younger fans back to a time when everyone was dancing and having fun together.

One comment read, “Okay, so for everyone that may be a little confused, okay, there’s this bubble in time that we kind of missed a lot of the racism & ignant shit. It was during the time that everybody in their 40s to their 50s were teenagers, and we all partied together. We all listen to each other’s music we all dance together, although some of us were on beat some of of us were not, it did not matter. It was a vibe.”

“Obviously, if you’re surprised, you aren’t our age and have never been to our clubs. Everyone, EVERYONE our age, loves this song. EVERYONE!!!” another commenter added.

“Plus this song had AWWWLLL of us in a chokehold! Black or white… Plus, where do you all think the word ‘Becky’ as a term came from?!?!” a fan jumped in.

For Sir Mix-A-Lot, the classic “Baby Got Back” hit was supposed to cause some controversy. He told the American Songwriter that the lyrics represented the times of the ’90s and the song “bucked the system.”

“I hated ‘Baby Got Back,'” he said. “I thought, ‘This song will never make it.’ I thought it was going to piss everybody off.”

He added, “If you listen to the lyrics, it’s actually saying some real shit, but I’m having fun with it. It was basically me mocking what, at that time, was the establishment’s idea of what beauty was. That’s what that song’s about. People reduce it to being about butts – which is good, because if they actually knew what it was about it wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near the play.”

“…the song bucked the system. It was tongue-in-cheek. And black women immediately said, ‘It’s about time!’ White women with curves said, ‘It’s about time!’ Everyone. It was almost a movement for a while. Then it became the norm.”

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