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The spotlight of this latest installment of Tales From TikTok falls on Berhanu Dallas, an instructor of marketing and agriculture careers at Forest Park High School in Georgia. Dubbed Dr. Drip on TikTok, this humorous educator took to the platform on March 8 to share anecdotes of the amusing exchanges he experiences with his students daily, using the popular “Of Course” trend. The instructor enlisted the help of some of his high schoolers to create the hilarious video.

In Dallas’ funny post, his students listed a few of their favorite things about the educator. Some weren’t afraid to crack jokes about the teacher’s personality and swag. 

The brief video began by featuring a student named “Bonquisha” comfortably seated at Dallas’ desk with her feet up. When another teacher from Forest Park High School questioned why she wasn’t in her own class, the student replied, “Mr. Dallas is my favorite teacher, of course, I’m going to want to spend time in his class.”

The video then panned to a student, who made fun of Dallas’ attire. As the camera flashed a close-up of the educator’s shoes, the high school student quipped, “Mr. Dallas is my teacher. Of course, he has little to no drip. You see how he comes to school with ashy feet and no socks.”

With a blank stare, the teacher responded, “I put lotion on.”

The jokes did not stop there. In another clip, one high school student playfully teased that Mr. Dallas had run off “with Frederick Douglass.” Another joked about the nearly 40-year-old teacher’s fondness for Android phones.

“Mr. Dallas is my teacher. Of course, he’s pushing 40 with an Android.”

To which the educator confidently replied, “Samsung 21 plus, 5G.”

A few students shared some funny tidbits about the teacher’s personality like his excessive scrolling on Instagram and use of student lingo. However, one highlight from the hilarious video came when one Forest Park High Schooler claimed that he and his peers “hung out” with the teacher after school. 

Dallas hilariously responded, “I don’t like y’all like that.”

Online users were equally amused when a student commended the educator for permitting them to “make vids in every class.” Yet, the laughter was fleeting. Immediately after receiving the praise, Dallas informed his students that there was a different plan in store for the class.

“Not today. We got a test. Open up your notebooks,” said the instructor as the class let out a loud sigh.


Netizens react to Mr. Dallas’ “Of Course” video.

In the comments section, fans were in stitches over Dallas’ fun and endearing dynamic with his students. One user called the Georgia-based educator the “coolest teacher.” Some netizens penned that they wished they would have had a “great teacher” like Dallas in high school. 

“I needed Mr. Dallas when I was that age,” wrote one TikTok user.

Other fans got a kick out of hearing the students crack jokes on Dr. Drip.

“Mr. Dallas is definitely wearing Air Max ‘90s with ankle socks. Welcome to the old head club.”

Another user chimed in, “The shade on Android.”

If you enjoyed this installment of Tales From TikTok, be sure to explore other humorous videos on Mr. Dallas’ TikTok page. In a video shared Jan. 26, Dallas humorously tackled the pronunciation of his students’ distinctive names, leaving us in stitches. Don’t miss it below!

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