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Meet Miracle, the TikTok sensation whose page is ablaze with viral content, drawing millions of views and likes. Among her repertoire, her ingenious prank calls steal the show.

Followers eagerly submit their loved ones’ phone numbers, often targeting unsuspecting mothers, for Miracle to work her magic with outrageous scenarios.

In a standout video, she dialed the mother of a young man named Rashad and dropped the bombshell that she believes she’s pregnant by him.

Initially caught off guard by Miracle’s unexpected call, the bewildered mother was drawn into the whirlwind of the prankster’s elaborate tale. Miracle maintained her composure as she explained she retrieved her number from one of Rashad’s friends on Instagram.

“So, your name is Candice, and you think he got you pregnant,” the mother said, recapping all the vague BS the prankster dropped. “So, how many months pregnant are you?”

“Candice” remarked that she wasn’t sure about her gestational period.

“You’re going to call a man’s mama and say they got you pregnant, but you don’t know how many months you are,” Rashad’s mom commented.

“What I’m saying is…well, first, I don’t even know if it was him who got me pregnant, but I know I’m pregnant” Miracle said.

“Oh, so you just calling around to anybody mama who’s going to take the phone to it, huh?” She then gave the young woman some advice. “Let me tell you something. You don’t call nobody talking about you pregnant and you don’t even know who the baby daddy is, honey. So, how many niggas is the baby daddy?”

Miracle affirmed Rashad was the only she had been with the most, prompting the mother to ask where they would fornicate and where she lived.

“My house. That’s really not your business for real,” Miracle stated. The mother clapped back that her pregnancy wasn’t her business, either. 

Rashad’s mom revealed Miracle’s call was the third one she received regarding her son impregnating women.

“That’s crazy. So, you’re going to be a grandmother of three,” Miracle commented.

But the agitated mother corrected her.

“I ain’t a grandma of nothing but what I got,” she said. “I don’t claim no strays…So, how many other niggas mamas you called today?”

Miracle clarified Rashad’s mother was the first but didn’t need to contact the others because she was positive Rashad was the baby daddy.

Miracle pulls back the curtain, revealing the prank for what it is and revealing the mom’s daughter as the true orchestrator behind the charade.

Miracle has numerous prank call videos on her page, including ones where she called random people’s siblings, claiming she wanted to fight their sibling (the one who set up a prank call).

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