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Booey and Boo, two women raising their blended families together, were impregnated by their husband, Lavish, at the same time. The unique throuple has netizens on TikTok intrigued by their polyamorous relationship.

On Feb. 7, the trio appeared on Truly, a web series that celebrates unique stories and bold voices from around the world. In a short clip, the seemingly happy throuple discussed how they met and how their unique pregnancies came to be. Booey, Boo and Lavish met each other at work and instantly fell in love. They have been in a polyamorous relationship for four years.

“When people ask us how long we’ve been together, our answer is: ‘Our souls were intertwined at the beginning of time, and then we just found each other in human form,'” Booey said.

After close “communication,” “love,” and careful planning, Booey and Boo decided that they wanted to get pregnant at the same time. The throuple tried after the birth of Boo’s second child with Lavish, 1-year-old Versaii. However, Booey could not conceive due to her struggle with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

“I do have a lot of miscarriages, and then it finally happened when she got pregnant with Vybe, and it was amazing,” Booey, who is currently pregnant, gushed.

Both women share three children with Lavish. Booey — who began dating Lavish first — has a 14-year-old son named Tray and an 8-year-old son named Vaylen, in addition to her forthcoming bundle of joy. Boo, shares sons Versaii and 2-month-old Vybe with Lavish. They also have a 2-year-old daughter named Versace.

According to Lavish, having two wives pregnant at the same time was “not for the faint of heart.” Luckily, the unique married throuple did not face too many challenges during that period. However, criticism stemmed from individuals outside their relationship who lacked understanding or insight into their dynamic.

Boo revealed that naysayers often question if she and Booey are at Lavish’s beck and call in the relationship, but the mother of three clarified that her husband was far from controlling.

“Everybody’s opinion is valued. And it matters when it comes down to it. Jealousy is a very big  misconception….. everybody’s for everybody.”

On TikTok, Booey, Lavish and Boo share funny videos and document their lives as parents and partners. Despite facing frequent negative comments about their relationship, they maintain a profoundly loving and healthy dynamic together. This understanding and affection extend to their children, creating a positive family environment.

“When people post negative comments. I think it’s hilarious,” Boo said. “We have one that says, ‘You guys have no morals, none at all. Don’t you girls think you are worthy of something better? Our kids might see the negative comments, but it’s really all about us and what goes on in the house. The comments don’t really affect the kids. It doesn’t matter to them.”

Lavish hopes to be an “example” for his children and wants them to live life fearlessly in their “truth.”


In the comments section, netizens on TikTok shared their thoughts about Booey, Boo and Lavish’s unorthodox relationship. Many applauded the throuple’s successful marriage and family dynamic. 

“Idk I actually support this throuple. Usually, they are giving off weird vibes, but this seems full of love.”

“This seems like such a healthy and loving home.”

“Baby, it takes a village and if the village is in love and it works, why not?”

“This is how you do poly correctly.”

Booey, Boo and Lavish seem like they’re happy and thriving. Any thoughts on this latest edition of Tales From TikTok? Tell us in the comments section.


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