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Passport Heavy, a travel company, started a conversation series on Instagram about the dating culture in Ghana to encourage those considering traveling or relocating to Ghana.

Passport Heavy asked a Black American woman who’s an expat (someone who lives outside their native country) about her dating experience in Ghana. The woman said she was married to a Nigerian before dating in Ghana and affirmed there was a massive difference between dating Nigerian men and Ghanaian men.

“I will say it’s a very big difference,” she said. “One culture is a little bit more Alpha. One’s a little bit more beta—not that that’s a negative thing, but it’s just more calm, more chill.”

The woman said she preferred Nigerian men because they were more articulate about what they wanted.

“I personally prefer Nigerian. It just aligns better with my personality,” she said. “They kind of get me more because the Nigerian moms, they mean business. So, they raise their sons to know that. It seems a little bit more laid back, relaxed.”

The Black American expat continued, “I feel like the Ghanaian men want to be kind of chased. They want you to pursue them. But the Nigerians, they see what they want, and they go after it. The Ghanaian men, they want to be treated like they’re the prize.” 

Social media users took to the comment section to tell whether or not they agreed with the woman’s thoughts. Some corrected her while others gave their experiences.

“Oh, this is spicy!!!! I was just trying to decide which country I should visit in 2024. So, are Nigerian men better at getting and keeping their women? Or, are men from Ghana so smooth that all the women are chasing them? Tell me, which are the best??? I like her feedback and ready for more,” an Instagram user wrote.

“I guess it’s her personal experience. As a Nigerian with a Ghanaian man, I disagree. Ghanaian men are the prize,” another person said.

“Lol, she said Ghanaian men are moving like a dias and Nigerian men are moving like warriors,” one person wrote.

Many disagreed with her and didn’t understand why she was in Ghana when Nigerian men aligned more with her personality. But the sister was simply exploring and now knows what she prefers.  Ghanaian dating culture is known to have a mixture of traditional and modern values, like the blessing from families before marriage and getting to know each other in the dating stage.

However, some American dating values won’t slide in Ghana.

For instance, Ghanaians date one person at a time, while some Americans explore their options.

According to Erica Daniel, an intimacy coach and an employee for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a former housemate got mad at her for going on multiple dates with different men. 

“I remember there was a time when we were talking about dating, and my one housemate got really angry and upset with me because, over the course of one month, I had gone on six dates,” she said. “In my American mind, that means I’m going for coffee, I’m having a dinner, a lunch, there’s nothing binding. But for her, that meant I was sleeping with six people.”

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