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Hypergamy dating expert Talitha Troupe taught the cast of The Real Side Chicks of Los Angeles that the key to getting men to invest in their business ventures is to use them, not abuse them.

In a teaser for Season 1, Episode 5, posted on Instagram Feb. 5, Troupe explained to the cast that when women (side chicks or not) start using men (not abusing), the men become more intrigued and fascinated.

She also encouraged the ladies to become investments and not men’s bills.

“When you become the investment instead of being a bill, he’ll continue to pour into you,” she said. “He’ll continue to put money into your pocket. He’ll continue to buy you properties because you’re doing the leg work. You’re outside.”

“If you build your business with his wallet, ain’t no takeaway. It’s yours for the taking,” she said in another clip Troupe posted on Wednesday, Feb. 14, as a teaser for the Feb. 15 episode.

Egypt Cario, one of the cast members, started getting emotional, and Troupe, along with the cast members, understood that it was because it wasn’t easy for Cario to get men to see her as an investment, so she suffered.

“Your tears, because of all of the pain that you’ve been through, all of the things you’ve suffered through, the times you was thrown out, the times you thought you had something and it was taken away,” Troupe said.

In the caption of the initial teaser post, the hypergamy dating coach and business strategist further explained that men desire to feel needed, like women want to feel wanted.

“Did you know men want to be used? Deep down inside, they know it. They may not admit it here in the comments, but a man that can’t be used always finds himself a side chick,” the expert wrote. “Why? Because men have a long standing desire just like women. For us, it’s feeling wanted; for them, it’s feeling needed… which is why high-income earning six and 7-figure women have the hardest time keeping a man. They don’t make him feel needed.”

She concluded, “I assure you… nearly everyone will agree [and] the men that don’t… are the ones with no money. I said what I said.”

According to, men desire to be needed because it fulfills them and increases their self-esteem. If a woman denies the man the privilege to be needed, it’s reportedly like losing a sense of identity.

Basketball Wives’ Meghan James is an executive producer of The Real Side Chicks of Los Angeles.

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