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A TikTok user named Azario B. Carithers — also known as @BigZariooo — is going viral for his decision to transition back to a man from a trans woman. His story elicited mixed reactions from netizens on the platform.

On Feb. 4,  Azario opened up about his choice to “de-transition” back to his assigned sex after living life as a trans woman for years. The TikTok user claimed this his epiphany came after the devil “tricked” him into being trans. 

“Now, God has called me back,” he clarified. “I want to be very transparent… I wanted to do this journey all by myself  because I transitioned the first time so publicly, and everything I’ve ever done has always been on the public stage.”

Azario — who has over 17,000 followers on TikTok — told netizens that he would be leaning on God to help push through through his transition process. 

“I want to be delivered,” the YouTube and social media content creator asserted. 

“My pastor and different people prophesied to me, that’s not what God has in store for you. That’s not going to work because God wants to help. God wants to use your story for His glory. God wants to use your story to help people that also need to de-transition, maybe not out of a gender identity crisis, but maybe out of a bad marriage, a bad relationship.”

Azario explained that part of his decision to transition back to his assigned birth was because he didn’t believe men could transition to females.

“My thought process on the whole thing is just so different now. That’s how I know it’s God. But the first time I transitioned, it had nothing to do with God. It had to do with my flesh. This time, I’m doing it with God. And I know he’s going to bless me in spite of my enemy.”

Before signing off, Azario said he was prepared for some of the criticism that may come from his decision. 

“I know he’s going to make a table right before them. I already know how this is going to go. They’re going to attack me. Being in the LGBTQ community is like being in a gang; when you want to get out the gang, when you want to go to God, when you want to start doing things the righteous way, that’s when they come up against you,” he added.

For context, this is what Azario looked like before his transformation back to male.

Social media users react to Azario’s transition story. 

Social media users have had a lot to say about Azario’s journey from trans-female to male. Some users applauded him for being brave enough to share his journey with the world, but opposers slammed the God-fearing TikTok user for blaming the devil on his decision to live life as a trans woman.

The devil ain’t trick you. You made a decision. You’re an adult.”

“Praying for your healing protection and strength.”

“No one tricked you. You said you had a traumatic childhood. You probably were trying to get love and support from people who were protecting you.”

“You owe no one any explanation. The devil is very real and will do anything to destroy God’s children. Keep your head up.”

The gender transition process is deeply personal and complex.

Azario’s decision to transition back to his assigned sex is a deeply personal and nuanced decision. Like Azario, many people within the trans community often transform their body or appearance to align with the gender identity that makes them feel the most authentic. This could be due to gender dysphoria, a profound sense of discomfort or distress that arises when an individual’s gender identity does not align with the sex they were assigned at birth.

Some individuals may feel that their assigned gender roles and societal expectations do not reflect who they are at their core, leading them to explore their gender identity and ultimately transition to live as a trans woman, trans man or their assigned sex.

For Azario, living life as a man makes him feel his most authentic, but anyone — regardless of religion — should have the right to stand tall in their authentic bodies and identities. The transition process can be an empowering experience for members of the trans community. Take a look at transgender advocate Tori Cooper — who became the first Black trans woman to be appointed to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.

During an interview with the Human Rights Campaign in 2020, Cooper — who was assigned male at birth — said she knew she wanted to be a woman by the age of 12. Finding her authentic womanhood helped her to be a voice and a guiding light for other members of the trans community in search of their identity.

Get to know her story below.



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