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In another edition of Tales From TikTok, a viral video of a woman with negative reviews on having big breasts has made its rounds on the internet, making multitudinous people laugh and starting a discussion.

TikToker Ilona Maher posted a video on Feb. 23, 2022, asking women what it was like to have “big titties,” adding she had small breasts.

A Black content creator named Christal Luster bluntly answered the curious TikToker on Feb. 28, 2022. 

“One out of 10, do not recommend. It’s ghetto. Don’t do it,” Luster responded, describing big boobs to the best of her ability. “It’s like carrying two broke best friends on your back and on your front at the same time. It’s having built-in serial killers to lay on your neck and try to suffocate you when you go to sleep at night.”

Luster complained about how women with big breasts couldn’t toss their boobs over their shoulders or tie them up with hair ties to get a sliver of air.

“You just be hot and sweaty and uncomfortable,” she said. “And don’t think about wearing a buttoned-up shirt because when you inhale with too much enthusiasm or have so much as a spirited sneeze, those buttons become weapons of mass destruction and will separate all the way to the white meat. It’s going to go through the skin.” 

Luster concluded, “When your boobs live in a different area code, the bras cost a whole mortgage. It’s ghetto! Don’t do it.”

The loud comments section was filled with women throwing out amens and adding to Luster’s complaints.

“You can’t run without applause,” one person typed.

“Relax. When you get older…you can braid them. Also, in the winter, just let them go, put a belt on and enjoy warm knees on the cold, cold days,” a commenter said.

“Don’t forget when you wear a tank top, and they are poking out when you wake up,” another person wrote.

“You forgot that if the underwire comes out, then you have to seek emergency medical attention!” 

“You can’t shave properly because you can’t see your coo because of it. I wake up, and they are in the kitchen.”

“And you’re ‘asking for it’ no matter what you wear because you’re being too sexy just by existing.”

Luster gave all of the downsides to having big boobs, but here are some benefits women with big boobs reap. 

No pockets, no problem.

They’re called “secret pockets.” Sometimes, women’s clothing doesn’t include pockets, especially dresses, so the “secret pockets” are handy. Bigger boobs ensure items like credit and debit cards, cash and blunts are snug and sealed tight.

Bigger breasts are linked to higher fertility chances.

Studies show that women with narrow waists and larger breasts have higher fertility chances because of their more elevated progesterone and 17-b-estradiol levels, hormones proportional to fertility.

Women with bigger boobs have a higher chance of obtaining free drinks from men at the bar.

Women who go to bars have a higher chance of gaining free drinks from men who are attracted to more promiment breasts.

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