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A woman confronting her man about a mysterious earring she found in their bedroom spawned thousands of comments from wary and warning TikTok users on this edition of Tales From TikTok. 

After seeing the male lover’s response to his lady’s line of questioning — regarding whether he was cheating — the TikToksphere’s advice was simple. 

Leave him!

A seemingly unassociated TikTok account uploaded a video of the lovers’ quarrel in October 2023. 

Behind the camera, a woman repeatedly asked her male partner, Kenneth, who he had in their bedroom. She emphasized that the miscellaneous earring wasn’t hers and that she knew it wasn’t because it was “cheap” and not her style. 

Eerily, the suspicious lover revealed that a “spiritualist” told her to clean underneath her bed sometime before she found the random earring.

“I found it underneath the bed on your side of the bed. And I don’t wear no fucking flower earrings… Don’t play me like I’m no fool ’cause I don’t wear earrings like this,” she told her partner. 

While the woman remained surprisingly even-keeled in the Tales From TikTok video, the situation was undoubtedly distressing. Despite that, Kenneth smiled through the clip and seemed, for the most part, unbothered.

He initially denied knowing what his partner was talking about and pled the fifth. Then he briefly stated that the earring belonged to the woman — just after she said it wasn’t hers.

“I’ll tell you who I had in the bedroom when you tell me what you found,” he said with a smile.

“Well, I don’t know whose earring it was. What do you wanna do about it? I bet you won’t do nothing about it,” he later quipped.

Kenneth’s denial and cockiness then turned into him flipping the script on his lady.

He argued that she put the mystery earring underneath his side of the bed to “blackmail” and set him up. He asked her, “Now, who did you have in the bed?”

“You had to have someone in the bed,” he continued. “That’s a man’s earring. You went to the swap shop and had it modified [to look like a woman’s earring].”

He expanded his theory by claiming the earring was a circle shape. The woman got changed into a flower to frame him as a cheater. He even said he knew where the woman went to get the earring switched up.

“Look, tomorrow we’re gonna go over to the shop,” Kenneth stated before claiming a person at the alleged shop would corroborate his accusation.


Many TikTok users believed that Kenneth attempted various forms of manipulation. A lot of netizens were disturbed and disgusted with how he responded to his partner.

Notably, nothing in the video specified the stage of the couple’s relationship or how long they’d been romantic. Several TikTok users argued that Kenneth was smiling because he knew the woman wouldn’t leave him, even if he were doing her dirty.

A few online users wanted to know who the other woman in the room was during the couple’s spat. 

Read some of TikTok’s commentary below.

“Deflection, projection, lying, mirroring, control, etc… = gaslighting. Walk away.”

“My dear sister, he cares nothing for you. Plan your way out.”

“Girl, he playin’ in your face. Leave him or you’re doomed.”

“Lady, please find your way out, ASAP!”

“He smiling because he knows she’s not going anywhere.”

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