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Shannon Sharpe issued a very unserious apology to Megan Thee Stallion after explicitly stating how he’d sex her up in the bedroom if given a chance.

The former NFL player and his co-host on the Nightcap podcast, Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson, were baffled that Shannon was accused of sexual harassment over his comments about the 28-year-old female rapper. Shannon said he and Chad would better filter their conversation, but he silently mouthed the words, “No, we won’t. I’m lying.”

“I’ll tell you what. If Meg had a problem with anything I said, I’ll take the time to say, I’m sorry. I apologize,” Shannon said on the Nov. 28 episode of Nightcap.

“You didn’t say anything wrong or disrespectful, though, Unc. You were just giving her praises,” Chad chimed in.



The two men — Shannon, 55, and Chad, 45 — didn’t think it was problematic that Shannon said he’d have Megan “stretched out” and open wide during the Nov. 27 episode of their podcast.

Shannon commented vulgarly about the “Cobra” rapper while Chad discussed setting up his co-host with a woman. The latter former football player wanted to know if Shannon would be able to handle all the sexual prowess Megan raps about having.

“I’d have her stretched out like quarter to three,” Shannon quipped. “I keep that liquid on me. I’ll do it to her three ways — deep, hard and continuously… I’d have her opening up like saloon doors.”

Chad encouraged Megan to “holla” at Shannon because the 55-year-old was shooting his shot. The former Miami Dolphins wide receiver added, “You got a bad hip, she’s got good knees — that’s a perfect match.”

Shannon insisted that he was just joking around and having fun.



Several Instagram users in the Nightcap podcast’s comments said that joking or not, it was inappropriate for the men to make sexualized jokes at Megan’s expense.

“This is disrespectful, crude and distasteful, especially given the age of the person saying it.”

“I usually love these two, but I think this is disgusting. And they should apologize to her. In what world is this okay to talk about a female like this. Come on. You should know better. Because she shakes her ass it warrants this disrespect???? Very disappointing… Women should be respected not talked about like this.”

“I find this disturbing how these two men are objectifying Meg. This is not cute.”

“It’s probably not a good idea to keep talking about a Black woman in just that way. Add a little more respect to it. Talk to her nicely, she’s not just a sexual being.”


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