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BK Brasco recently exposed the problematic and pedophilic reasons he thinks older men date younger women. 

The former Love & Hip Hop star, born Romel Cummings, met backlash after saying on the Nov. 10 episode of the One Thing About It! podcast that older women weren’t trainable the way older men needed them to be. When the podcast’s host, Amani Wortham, asserted that women aren’t something to be “trained,” the 45-year-old reality television star replied, “Train up a child the way they should go.”

Brasco also claimed older women didn’t have many traits that older men were looking for.

“Some women — not all — [but] some women are pretty when they’re young [and] when they get older, they look bad,” he said. “The older women don’t be fit. They don’t be friendly. They don’t be feminine. They don’t be cooperative, and they don’t be submissive.”

Instagram users clowned Brasco for having any commentary about grown women’s appearances when he presents the way he does at 45.

Others quickly highlighted the qualities Brasco rambled about, which were seemingly more aligned with someone looking for a pet and not a partner. Several netizens were deeply disturbed by how the former reality TV star likened grooming a young woman to training a child.

“Key word ‘submissive’ they don’t want an equal partner. They want someone to control.”

“Train up a child?… Thank you for confirming its rooted in pedophilia.”

“‘TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY IT SHOULD GO’ when referencing dating young women is literally insane.”

“Train = grooming. Get a damn dog if you wanna train something.”

“Dating younger women because they’re fit when the man in question has a beluga belly nuh mek no sense to me.”

In another snippet from Amani and Brasco’s conversation, the Atlanta-based podcast host explained why she wouldn’t settle for an older man and why she wasn’t trying to hear Brasco’s foolishness.

Amani called out all the oldheads who recklessly live as “community dick” in their 20s, then look for a young trainable woman with a low body count when they’re older and ready to settle down. She argued those individuals are the type who have several baby mothers and children scattered around but only want to pursue young women with no kids. 

“I’m not letting no old nigga suck the life out of me. No, I’m not doing it… You’re used up, and you want somebody less used up? No, go ahead and get your match,” she fiercely advised.


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