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Lingerie brand owner Rita Smith proudly married for 42 years, loves keeping the gworls updated on TikTok about her spicy sex life.

A video the 61-year-old silver-haired vixen shared Sept. 20 about how her husband tugs on her hair in the bedroom has received over 1.3 million views. As she ran her hand through her glorious silk press, the self-proclaimed “bad girl,” said her husband, Theodore, 63, is usually all up in them roots.

“My man just be snatching it and snatching it. All threw it and caressing me,” Rita relayed with a coy smile and a charming New Orleans accent. “I be like, ‘Look at Riri, got her man going crazy over her and stuff.'”

Just when she emphasized how much her husband loves her hair, Theodore called for his wifey from the background. Rita quickly ended the clip after that, noting in her caption that there’s no time to waste following the sound of her husband’s call.

“His voice melts me, especially when he calls me Baby #BlackLoveMarriagesStillExist #HappyMarriage #StrongMarriagesDoExist #BlackLovePage.” 


Rita’s clip has gotten over 264,800 likes since it was shared. 

TikTok users could help but tease the 61-year-old over how smitten she still is with her man. In addition to complimenting the baddie’s hair and NOLA accent, online users gave Rita props for her loving and intimacy-filled marriage. Many noted that they’d want a similar connection with their partners when they reach Rita’s blessed age.

“If ‘My man, my man, my man’ was a person 😭.”

“Granny a whole mood 😂😂😂.”

“I know dats right ma’am!!!!!😍.”


“I Hear U GF… I Ain’t Mad At U!! ♥️♥️♥️.”

“Me in 40 years 😩.”

“This gone be me when I’m older y’all 😂.”

The mother of three and grandmother of five goes by @badgirlriri504 on the video platform.

Rita’s handle — very similar to the forever baddie Rihanna’s @badgyalriri — is also seemingly a nod to the sex-positive social media star’s 504 area code, based in New Orleans.

The TikToker has over 24,500 followers, and many of her other videos have thousands of views. Her following on Instagram is even higher, currently at around 115,000.


Rita gives the world more insight into the depth of her and her husband’s emotional and physical connections on her lingerie brand’s website. 

The Kitty Wiggle Collection founder said her and Theodore’s union “means everything” to her.

“My man is so sexy and fine. When we first got married, I was swinging off the chandler in the bedroom,” she recalled.

Noting that her battle with endometriosis and then endometrial cancer “disrupted” her life,” Rita explained that her husband showed her immense compassion, care and understanding — even when intimacy became difficult. 

“Marriage is more than sex. My husband and I kept the intimacy alive. His touch made me feel secure, but I was fighting to get that old me back. Lingerie gave me the confidence needed to get back to feeling like myself again. Now, I can’t get enough of my man, and he can’t get enough of me,” she proudly noted.

The sexy matriarch keeps it poppin’ for her man. She posted a video in June on Instagram, teaching the youngins how to handle business in the backseat of her jeep.

Research on how older Black women display their sexuality is sparse, although some details regarding their thoughts about sex are available.

A qualitative study released in 2023 concerning Older Black Women’s Narrative on Sexuality highlighted some of the most prominent aspects of the population’s approaches and perceptions toward sexuality. 

The research noted that “conservative attitudes” are common. The lack of conversations about sex and language to do so are reasons prevalent in the five themes that emerged from the study’s 14 subjects.

Los Angeles-based Black women aged 50 to 80 who participated in a 2017 study [published in 2018] voiced similar sentiments. “Women reported that they did not feel comfortable discussing sexual practices with their physician, partners, and friends.”

The latter research claimed older Black women are at “particular risk” because they’re more likely to “engage in high-risk sexual behaviors and report social isolation and loneliness than their younger counterparts.”

The analysis of its participants found that the reasons for high-risk sexual behaviors most subjects identified were depression, loneliness and self-esteem issues. 

High-risk sexual behaviors increase one’s risk of spreading or contracting sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, according to the International Society For Sexual Medicine. Examples of high-risk sexual behaviors include unprotected sex with multiple or anonymous partners and engaging in sex while under the influence. 

A 2013 study, with a sample of 13 Black women aged 57 to 82, found that the group would like to “enjoy sexual interaction” but that finding “a suitable sexual partner” is a problem often reported.

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