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Miami Dolphins Xavien Howard pregnancy Tai OnlyFans babies lawsuit

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A Miami-based spicy content creator has accused Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard of being a serial impregnator. 

The woman — who goes by @TaiTheFiveFooter on Instagram — claims she’s pregnant by the NFL player, and multiple other women are too. She posted screenshots of alleged messages between a friend and another woman claiming also to be pregnant with the athlete’s child. The latter woman noted that Xavien allegedly has four babies on the way — that she knows of.

“And now I have his other baby mothers reaching out to me,” Tai alleged in her lengthy caption.

The Miami-based OnlyFans creator said she ended up pregnant after having sex with Xavien “a few times.”

“He told me he wanted to have a baby with me, and regardless of what he said, I still took a Plan B. It clearly failed because I was around ovulation,” she recalled. “Whatever, I own up to my actions, and I accept the fact I’m having a baby.”

At first, Tai claimed the NFL player was “mad” about the pregnancy news. She said the two met in early September, and Xavien “caught an attitude and ghosted” her. She also claimed he distanced himself from her after he asked what he should give her as a monthly allowance during her pregnancy, and she responded.

“When his other baby mother reached out to me, my best friend wrote her to stop writing me. And those are screenshots between my best friend and his other baby mother. He wants to pay me off to terminate my pregnancy, and from the looks of the screenshot he sent me with his other baby mother, he wants her to terminate too. He’s upset he can’t pay his way out of this one.”

The OnlyFans model warned other women to “steer clear” of Xavien because he has “no regard for anyone he involves himself with.” She also emphasized that she didn’t want to hear from the NFL player or any of his other alleged baby mamas.

“I’ve been in this industry for a while, and I know how men of his stature operate, so it’s no surprise,” she noted. “Just a little shocking that it’s so many of us at once expecting by him.”

Tai started her lengthy caption by sharing Xavien’s Instagram handle and writing, “Let’s clear the air because this man obviously has a fetish in getting women pregnant.”

Her other receipts included a photo and video of her and Xavier together while she held a Ziplock filled with tightly bound stacks of money and dollar bills covering the floor below them. The dark red-lit space in the image’s background had a mirrored corner with a stripper pole on a stage and women dressed in scantily clad clothing.

Tai was adamant that Xavien told her explicitly that he wanted to have a baby with her despite her concerns about being “another baby mama.”

The Miami-based accuser included snapshots of her alleged messages with the NFL player. In the texts, which Tai attempted to censor, the cornerback seemingly says, “Can’t wait to nut in that pussy.”

After she sent him photos of her ultrasound snapshots, the Dolphins player allegedly wrote, “Get [an] abortion.”

“How much money do you want? I don’t wanna have [a] baby with you. Ughh. That’s what you not understanding,” he added in the messages Tai shared.

If her accusations are true, Tai’s story may pave the way for Xavien’s other alleged baby mamas to come forward. Based on the accounts above, the athlete has at least four babies on the way. 

Xavien has three children with his ex-fiancée, Keeli Long. The latter is currently suing the NFL player for assault and battery, according to Sportskeeda. Xavien has denied the allegations through his attorney, and the latter claims the athlete has been acquitted of any wrongdoing by law enforcement and the NFL.

In August, TMZ reported that the football player’s legal camp filed a motion to get a sexual misconduct case against him dismissed. A woman filed a lawsuit in May alleging that the Dolphins cornerback filmed a sex tape of them without her consent. 

In October 2022, another woman filed a lawsuit against the player over the “negligent transmission of genital herpes and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Stay safe out there, ladies — and protected. 

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