1st Episode Drop: ‘Listen To Black Women Podcast’ On Relationships, Self-care And Body Hair

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Host Lore’l welcomes Jessie Woo, Monyetta Shaw and Mimi Faust to the very first episode of the Listen To Black Women podcast.

From relationship boundaries to body hair to that time of the month, our hosts dig deep in this dynamic no-holds-barred discussion. The ladies navigate each topic with unfiltered realness, sharing experiences, advice and laughter.

The group shares how they practice self-care. Self-care can mean a day at the spa or doing a face mask and lighting some candles. It can also mean journaling, grounding in nature, traveling and therapy, they add.

Our hosts share their approaches to therapy including how to find the right therapist and how it is beneficial to them. “You have to be open and willing to put in the work for it to work for you,” Faust notes.

The subject shifts to body hair. The group discusses waxing versus shaving, body hair preferences, and addressing a partner who isn’t maintaining what’s going on down there. Do the ladies prefer easy breezy and extra smooth, or is it giving The Lion King? “You know what? I find that men don’t be caring sometimes,” Woo playfully observes.

The group also delves into relationship boundaries. They discuss how to establish healthy boundaries with a partner—like is it okay to take a break and ask for some time to yourself? Faust has had to recognize when she is giving too much of herself to a partner. “I neglected myself in every relationship I’ve ever had,” Faust says. “I always put myself on the backburner. I always put them first. I’m not doing that anymore.” The ladies agree: reciprocity is key.

On the other hand, Woo has “really, really strong boundaries.” They go on to discuss selfishness versus self-care. How do they differ and where do they overlap?

Get the whole scoop. Listen to the full episode of the Listen To Black Women podcast here.