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On the finale episode of Listen to Black Men, Mouse Jones is joined by Tyler Chronicles, Jeremie Rivers, Jim Jones and Jessie Woo to talk about interracial dating.

Between the five personalities, there are a lot of different opinions when it comes to dating outside the Black community. Woo fears things won’t heat up in the bedroom, fretting, “Sexuallly, maybe there would not be a connection there.”

The LTBM crew also explores some of the reasons other than love that Black folks date white people. From dating for money to a desire for proximity to whiteness to an overall lack of eligible bachelors/bachelorettes, the group gets into the nitty gritty.
“I don’t believe a large portion of the Black men we see with white women love these white women or are in love with these white women. I think they covet something about access to white people,” says Mouse.
According to our resident female guest, Black women don’t receive the same grace from Black men when they date outside their race. She challenges the dudes by asking, “Y’all don’t limit yourselves, so why should we?”
Jessie Woo 'Listen to Black Men' Jim Jones Tyler Chronicles Jeremie Rivers Mouse Jones LTBM

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Jim doesn’t see color in love. The rapper proclaims, “Love don’t come with no complexion,” and says that his son dates white women, and eventually, he doesn’t even notice their skin color.
The topic of being conditioned to be “pro-Black everything” comes up, too, and the pressure to date within the group. Woo throws it out that you can’t build Black wealth if you don’t marry and procreate with a Black person, which nixes interracial dating for her – and every member of the LTBM cast has a lot to say about that.
Rivers shares that his dad always told him, “Go where you are loved,” for him, that’s always been a Black woman.
Mouse is on board with the actor’s sentiments, stating, “When I think of love…this is just a part of being Black…our base connection is trauma.”
The media personality adds that he can’t connect to women who don’t share that trauma.
The LTBM group also touches on the idea that where a person is raised and who they were raised around influences dating choices. Much of it is based on “The circle of people that you’re in,” says Chronicles.
Watch the full episode of Listen to Black Men for the cast member’s thoughts on interracial love.
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