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MADAMENOIRE had an opportunity to speak with expert esthetician Sia at GlamHer Studios about Black women and skincare.

As a skincare specialist with almost 17 years in the game, it’s safe to say Sia knows a thing or few about what Black women should focus on when it comes to the largest organ on our bodies.

Skincare is a current and still growing juggernaut in the beauty industry, but what products really work for us? It’s no secret that not all skincare is for our skinfolk, but with random 10-step face routine videos dropping on YouTube almost everyday, it’s hard not to fall into the trap of needing three different serums nightly. However, according to Sia, it could all be much simpler.

What should Black women focus on to maintain healthy, glowing skin? It’s not something that can be found at Sephora. Diet, says Sia, affects our skin the most:

“when you are not eating clean, what goes in internally is what shows up externally.”

Sia shares that topical products are only bandaid solutions to chronic skin issues, especially those marketed to combat acne. Curating a holistic skincare regimen extends to the types of foods we eat if we want to see changes in how our skin presents itself. She believes in pure, organic products that could be found locally.

Sia has a hot take on sunscreen, as well. While she does want us to debunk the myth that we don’t need it, she also thinks that most on the market aren’t providing the protection we specifically need. Thick Butters, such as shea or mango, are her essentials to create a barrier between her skin and the sun. Commercial sunscreens are “not the it product to use,” as they are likely to contain irritants that directly impact skin, along with only being a temporary fix as long as continuously applied. But for the many Black people who want to stick beside Black Girl Sunscreen, don’t fret, Sia says the fan favorite is a keeper if one chooses.

What does Sia say about a spa day? As a master esthetician, she recommends facials that hone in on moisturizing. In regards to chemical peels, Sia expresses that while popular, they aren’t necessary for everyone. Glycolic and Salicylic acids are crucial ingredients in peels when treating dry and problematic skin, as both help to penetrate the skin layers and even out one’s skin tone. However, Sia states that while similar, the difference in how these acids are most beneficial is really on a case by case basis, and one’s esthetician can pinpoint the direction to go forth. Microdermabrasion is also a popular technique, Sia says its more mechanical approach does sift out dead skin and oils:

“‘Black don’t crack’ is true to a certain degree, but that also comes with keeping up with the texture of your skin, being on top of exfoliation, and removing harsh radicals.”

What to do in between facials? Tap into your natural remedies. Sia’s skincare routine is not composed of the latest trend or fanciest brand. Starting with her plant-based diet, Sia uses a mango or shea butter soap for cleansing, a toner, and, her skincare secret, coconut oil for its antibacterial properties and ultra-moisturization. In fact, she swears by organic, unrefined coconut oil for nearly everything regarding the body, even as hair conditioner.


Heathy skin needs daily nourishment

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Peep MN’s rapidfire questionnaire revealing Sia’s Secrets on: 

  • What Professionals Don’t Share about Skin: A Lot of these new products are gimmicky or fluff, with ingredients that are absorbed into the skin within 10 minutes, what you need is hydration that stems from within. 


  • How To Combat Hyperpigmentation: Turmeric is a natural lightener, making a paste and using it as a mask will change the game. BUT, Sia also says potato juice, yes the moisture that comes from the starchy food, has brightening qualities as well. 


  • The Holy Grail Product that is African Black Soap: Not too fast reader. It’s only optimal for certain, aka oily-prone, skin types. It can be very drying on the face so Sia says, be wary. 


  • Is Drybrushing just for the Girls that Frequent Goop?: Not at all, says Sia. In fact, she highly recommends using a loofah to exfoliate, especially in the upper back region. 


  • Overlooked Areas that We Need to Focus on Now: Our Neck and Decolletage (Chest) need the same moisture we provide to our faces. Using thick butters now will save you down the road. 

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