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It’s reunion time in the land of Love & Marriage Huntsville. The cast is dressed to the nines as they sit down with the show’s creator, Carlos King, to discuss the shady, hilarious and explosive moments of season five. King has some tough questions for the Alabama bosses. But will he get answers? Let’s get into the first and second installment of the reunion special.


A Rocky Start

The reunion kicks off with the original cast: Maurice and Kimmi Scott, Marsau and LaTisha Scott and former spouses, Martell Holt and Melody Shari. 

“Holt,” Martell quips when Melody is introduced. Homeboy is clearly perturbed that his ex has dropped his last name. 

Carlos mentions the cast members’ business ventures. He says he admires how this group can put their differences aside and support each other’s endeavors. They all clap in agreement—except for Melody. Sis remains stone faced with her hands in her lap. The beauty says that she used to applaud for her castmates but she didn’t receive the same support from them. So now, she doesn’t care what they are doing—well damn. 


Maurice Is In The Hot Seat


During the reunion episode Melody confronts Maurice about downplaying her friendship with his wife Kimmi in an interview. According to the real-estate mogul, she has consistently communicated and supported Kimmi. When asked about their relationship, Kimmi said “we are not besties” but she does consider Melody to be a friend.

Carlos asks Maurice about the rumors of after-hours sex parties at his place of business, Credit One. The entrepreneur says he and the fellas used the office to shoot the breeze, play cards and toss back a few cold ones, but there were never there were never any freaky shenanigans. Both Melody and Martell scoff at his answer.


LaTisha and Marsau 


The reunion dug up past discretions. Carlos King asked the couple about their home building plans. The Scott’s have been planning on building their house, Scott Manor, for several years but they have yet to break ground. Mr. Scott says that “greatness takes time.” Carlos referred to Scott Manor as “the new Chateau Sheree”—a house that took eight years to come to fruition. The. Shade. 

They talked about Marsau’s infamous solo trip to South Africa. Brotherman booked a solo flight without telling his wife. Martell attempted to add his two cents about this disrespectful vacation but he was cut short by Tisha’s retort. 

“At least he wasn’t in the gym,” she said. 

Mr. Holt used to tell his ex-wife that he was at the gym when he was really with his side-chick.  

Marsau wasn’t at the gym but he was in Africa sis. AFRICA.

Tisha says she is no longer upset about her husband’s solo vacation. According to Mrs. Scott, her husband took the impromptu trip because he was stressed out from doing business with his castmates—whew chile. 

She went on to say that she didn’t believe the countless cheating accusations about her husband because nobody has ever provided any proof.  But she later admitted that she found an inappropriate photo of another woman in Marsau’s phone along with text messages. In Tisha’s world, this still isn’t evidence that her hubby is moving foul. Okay then. 


Family Foes


Tisha’s mother, Wanda and her cousin Keke join the cast on stage. Carlos asks Keke about her “friendship” with Melody. Cousin Keke downplayed her friendship with Melody while professing her love for her cousin. She claimed that she only talked about LaTisha on the show because she was hurt that the Scotts disclosed her drug addiction to the rest of the cast.

Carlos called Keke a “double-agent” and rightfully so, sis is definitely playing both sides of the fence. Tisha accused Melody of paying Keke $5000 to come on the show and talk badly about her cousin. Mel denied the accusations, but it is clear that she and cuz bonded over their mutual dislike for Tisha. Incorporating folks’ family members into reality show drama is low. Both Keke and Melody should have known better. 

Carlos King shifts his attention to Ms. Wanda. He told the grandmother that she needed to be accountable for her behavior this season. Marsau interjects by saying that Melody is never held accountable for her actions. Deflect much?

When King asks Tisha if she thought her mother was wrong, she said “yes” but she followed with a barrage of excuses before shifting the blame to Melody. The three women became engaged in a lively game of verbal ping-pong where they hurled insults back and forth. To say this reunion is exhausting is an understatement—my lord today. 

Part three of the Love & Marriage Huntsville Reunion Special will air Saturday, Jan. 14 on the OWN network.

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