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ABC's "Queens" - Season One

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Eric and Brianna are whisked away by ambulances after being shot in episode 7. Eric is stable but the ladies are unable to get information on Brianna’s condition. The hospital staff will not share Brianna’s prognosis with anyone who is not a relative. They are forced to contact Brianna’s estranged mother, Renee.


Brianna is paralyzed from the neck down and her only chance of regaining mobility is to have a surgery that could risk her life. The ladies agree that Brianna would want to have the surgery. Mama Renee doesn’t agree, and legally her opinion is the only one that matters. The ladies confront Mama Renee about reconsidering, but she stands firm in her decision. However, she acquiesced when Jill said: “We are not blood, but we are Brianna’s family.”

Valeria brings Brianna’s children to the hospital. Brianna’s son asks if their mom is going to die. Valeria doesn’t sugar- coat the truth but assures them that even if their mom doesn’t survive, she loves them deeply. Valeria comforts herself with her own words. She finds peace in believing her biological mother loved her despite abandoning her.

This tragedy causes Naomi to reflect on her own family. She visits Eric in the hospital room and tells him she wants to put his name on JoJo’s birth certificate; Eric is thrilled at the idea. They seal the deal with a kiss. Welp, it looks like the budding relationship between Naomi and Rodrigo may not flourish after all.

No Snitchin’

With airtight alibis, both Tina and Valentina are ruled out as suspects. Jadakiss is their number one suspect. Eric pretends not to know Jadakiss when the detectives question him about their relationship. When Lil’ Muffin asked Eric why he lied, Eric said there is no snitching in hip hop. Lil’ Muffin reminds Eric that this isn’t hip-hop but is real life.

Then There Were Three

Flashback to 1993. Naomi and Brianna are sitting at a high school lunch table where they became fast friends when they discovered their mutual love for hip-hop. Naomi convinces Brianna to start a rap-group.

When Brianna invites Naomi to her house, Mama Renee makes it clear that she doesn’t like Naomi. In an effort to find a more suitable friend for her daughter, Mama Renee takes it upon herself to invite Jill to their house. Brianna reluctantly obliges her mother by allowing Jill to hang out with her and Naomi. Jill looks on in amazement as Brianna and Naomi exchange rhymes over the track of “Cha Cha Cha” by Mc Lyte. Jill surprises them both when she suddenly jumps up and spits a freestyle. Jill looks at their shocked faces and simply says: “I love Jesus and hip hop,” before declaring herself the newest member of the group.

ABC's "Queens" - Season One

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While Bree is in surgery, Jill goes to the chapel to say a prayer. Her ex-husband Darren kneels beside her. Jill is horrified when Darren tells her that he was the shooter. Darren believes that the bullet missed Jill because it was in “God’s plan” for the two of them to stay together. When Jill wards off his advances, delusional Darren becomes unhinged and chokes  her. Jill escapes his grasp and knocks him unconscious with a candlestick.

While Darren lies on the ground clinging to life, Brianna is in surgery fighting for hers. Surgeons become worried as she begins to lose blood, the heart monitor shows a flat line. The mid-season finale ends as the surgeons try to revive Brianna.

Will Brianna survive? We’ll have to sit at the edge of our seats until Queens returns Jan. 6, at 10pm on ABC network.

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