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Nearly every year since 2009, shoppers in the United States have increased their spending during the holidays, according to Investopedia. Shoppers spend an average of $998 this time of year, which breaks down into holiday gifts for self and others, as well as holiday decorations and similar non-gift items.

Black American consumers are leading the charge on holiday shopping, spending 13 percent more than other consumers, according to AC&M Cultural Marketing. The National Retail Federation states that a good amount of shopping will occur online. However, people do still enjoy going into brick-and-mortar stores, particularly Black shoppers. Nielsen reports that 52 percent of Black consumers prefer to shop in person, compared to 26 percent of the total population.

Still, being a Black business owner comes with unique challenges. It can be difficult to generate or sustain the support needed for your business to thrive. While attracting customers is, of course, important year-round, consumers are more open to spending money and discovering new brands during the holidays; so, this is an excellent time to focus those marketing efforts!

Yes, it may feel daunting, but there are resources to help small business owners carve out their niche and reach more potential customers than ever before—even during the competitive holiday season. Initiatives such as Facebook Elevate—a community and learning platform for Black, LatinX, and Hispanic communities—provides free workshops, 1:1 support and digital training for small businesses to help them grow.

Here are six tips to help you win more customers this holiday season.

holiday marketing

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Donate Some Proceeds

Today, being a successful brand means more than just offering a good product or service. Consumers want to know what’s behind the goods and services. Business Wire reports that 70 percent of shoppers want to know that the brands they patronize are doing their part to address social and environmental issues. So, you can get a leg up by connecting your brand to a non-profit and doing a little good with your platform. Consider donating a portion of proceeds to an organization that means a lot to you. Let customers know that some of their dollars will go to a good cause when they shop your brand.


holiday marketing

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Attach Your Product To A Holiday Need

Sit down and give real thought to how your product or service fulfills a need or desire that comes with the holidays. Make a list of experiences people have during the holidays, ranging from abstract emotional experiences to specific ones. Then, start to get specific about how the service or product you offer solves a holiday problem, enhances a holiday experience or fulfills a holiday desire in some way. Once you’ve made that connection, you can begin to create marketing materials around that. If, for example, you have a day spa, you can think of the specific stressors of the holidays and market how your services can help relieve stress. Maybe a day spay provides a place for special mother-daughter moments, away from the craziness of the holidays. Incorporate those holiday-specific moments in your advertising.

holiday marketing

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Launch A Fun, Personal Social Media Campaign

Put yourself out there – literally, you. Consumers like to get to know the humans behind the brands. To that end, create a fun, personal holiday social media campaign and consider putting yourself at the heart of it. You can hire script writers to create a humorous ad campaign for your company, starring you. It’s often not the exact product or service that customers connect to but rather the branding. And people like to laugh, as well as feel a personal connection to a company. When you’re ready to blast your feeds with your campaign, a Facebook Elevate Mentor can help you learn all about targeted ads and reaching the audience you hope to speak to. You can also check out Elevate’s post on promoting your brand during the holidays to learn how to make the most of social media during this festive time.


holiday marketing

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Exchange Discounts For Contacts

Because consumers are increasing spending right now, they’re also looking for more ways to save money. Coupons are bright, shiny objects and everyone is tracking them down. Wall Street Journal reports that shoppers struggle to find discounts during the holidays, so being one of the few brands that is offering them can make you stand out. And shoppers might be willing to give over one precious thing in return for a coupon: their email addresses. Run a campaign that offers to send a coupon to consumers’ emails. They’ll need to provide their email addresses to get the coupon; then, you’ll have those email addresses on file to send future promotions. If you’re looking for more strategies to help your business thrive, Elevate’s Advanced Access program can connect you with an account manager to help you identify how to make your business stand out.

holiday marketing

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Do A 12-Day Discount Countdown

Now that you have those email addresses, here’s a smart thing to do with them: a 12-day discount countdown. A sense of urgency can go a long way with consumers. Set aside a certain number of products or sessions that you will be offering at a discount. Send an email blast, making the announcement that you’re selling, for example, 100 necklaces at a discount for the following 12 days. Each day, the discount will increase. So, on day one, they might be 10 percent off and by day 12, 50 percent off. Consumers might shop early, to make sure the items don’t run out—or they might keep an eye on the sale, and swoop in later. Either way, you’ll have their attention because you’re offering a discount while creating a sense of urgency. Alternatively, you could spotlight one different item on each of the 12 days that you’re offering at a discount. If you’re ever curious to see how many people are looking at your promotions, check out Facebook Elevate where you can ask experts about topics like how to measure your reach and how to navigate the ads manager.

holiday marketing

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Draw People In With A Festive Feel

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, lean into the holiday spirit. Part of the reason people love to shop in person during the holidays is the festive feel of shopping centers—so, decorate! Offer hot chocolate and cookies. Play holiday music. Hire someone to dress up as one of Santa’s elves. Have your dog in the store dressed as a reindeer. Research from The Balance shows that shoppers are more inclined to make a purchase in a store where they feel happy, rather than a store that isn’t pleasant.

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