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Teddy is still in the hospital, though, he is reunited with his younger brother. We see the reality of his situation when he begins to experience chest pains in this somewhat dreamy reunion. The tension is thick in the waiting room. Angela is trying to come clean to Nikki about her father. Nate is happy to be free but doesn’t want to stress Angela and Nikki out with his freedom. The Franklin sisters are worried about their father. And after Alex showed up with paparazzi at Leah and Raymonds home inquiring about Teddy’s condition Leah is set on figuring out why Alex has been around so much lately. 

Tyrique isn’t buying this suicide story Teddy told him about his father. Raymond lets Leah know just a little bit of why Alex has been vengeful lately. Leah wants to handle Alex her way—with the press. Nate and Angela catch up after 17 years. Angela helps him shed his old self by cutting off his locks as a sacrifice and offering to his ancestors. 

Nikki is hurt by being lied to for all these years. When Angela let Nikki know that she didn’t tell her about Nate for her protection. She lets her mother know “She didn’t need protection, she needed her father.” 

Piggy and Angela catch Leah on TV giving a fabricated update on their  father’s recovery. It gets ugly when Alex brings up Nate’s criminal past. Nikki finds out why her father went to jail and Angela wants revenge on Alex as well.

Angela meets Leah at the hospital, still upset about Nate’s past being brought up in the press conference. Leah would like to team up with her sister to get even with Alex. When Teddy starts to go into cardiac arrest, they hold hands and we see a glimpse of love between these sisters as they try to be strong for their father. 

Teddy is in a coma and reunited with his younger brother again, letting him know he is not ready for his death. 

Lauren receives a call from Leah and she quickly lets Raymond know that Teddy has been sent into emergency surgery. Afterward, the lead maid gets done telling the rest of the house maintenance crew about Teddy’s state. Tyrique questions her about his father, she lets him know about Darius Bates, his  fathers deceased go to helper, also the boyfriend of Piggy— “who holds more secrets than a grave.”


Raymond lets Alex know she went too far and he only wants his business back not his wife in distress. He cuts ties with Alex after she kisses him, and lets her know he loves his wife and for her to stay away from his family. When he leaves the car, it’s clear Angela has caught the whole debacle.

There’s a connection at Eve’s Crown between Lauren and Nikki when Lauren explains how important her bond with her father is and Nikki shares some of her father’s poetry. 

Alex bribes a physician working at Teddy’s location to get insight on his health. Tyrique pops up on Piggy questioning her about Draius Bates, but she denies the connection they had. 

While Teddy is in Emergency surgery in his comatose state, he’s with his brother again talking about his past mistakes and secrets. Angela pulls a Solange on Raymond in the elevator when she starts to get violent and demanding answers. Raymond tries to plead his case after Angela shares with Leah what she witnessed. Angela and Leah leave him in the elevator. Leah and Angela begin to hold hands and pray over Teddy’s body. Tedd wakes up greeting both daughters. 

Angela shares the good news with Nikki and Nikki shares that she’s ready to meet her father. Raymond explains he was simply trying to get his business back. Alex exposes Teddy’s Parkinson’s. Leah loses it and kicks Raymond out. Nikki and Angela meet up with Nate. Teddy is fully conscious and still being taunted by his younger brother.

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