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Ain’t no sunshine to be found when episode three ended with Brianna lying next to her husband’s dead body. This week, she finally gets up and faces the daunting tasks of having his body removed from the house and informing her children of their father’s death. 

Mama, Who Dis Man?

Eric shows up at Naomi’s house to tell her that he knows he has a daughter. Jojo walks into the room and asks her mom who this strange man is. Naomi is caught between a rock and a hard place, but she is saved by a phone call from Brianna.Jeff’s untimely death couldn’t be more timely. 

Eric and the girls gather at Brianna’s to help her with funeral arrangements. Eric takes this opportunity to corner Naomi in a hallway to talk about his daughter.  But once again, their conversation is interrupted when Valeria walks out of the bathroom and catches them talking. Naomi quickly disappears.

In last week’s episode we may have been convinced that  rapper Cam’ron, who plays himself on the show, was Jojo’s father. However, when Eric finally has an opportunity to confront Naomi, she doesn’t deny that he is indeed Jojo’s father. Naomi says she is not ready to share this news with Jojo just yet, and Eric reluctantly obliges, but this doesn’t stop him from spending some quality time with his newfound daughter.  


Guilty Jill

Jill is awakened from her post-coital slumber by a text from her girlfriend Tina, who has flown to Los Angeles. to surprise her. She wakes Alicia up and tells her that she must leave immediately. Instead of matching Jill’s frantic energy, Alicia tries to convince her that a little extracurricular sex is normal in lesbian relationships. Jill insists that she and Tina are different and again, urges Alicia to disappear. Instead, Alicia promises to leave after she showers. LAlicia probably would have taken her sweet time, if Jill didn’t receive the devastating news from Brianna  that same moment. 

Tina notices that Jill is behaving differently. When confronted, Jill deflects by asking Tina to move in with her. She later confesses to sleeping with Alicia. Tina admits that she already knew and asks Jill if she is really ready to be committed to one person. Jill answers the question without answering. Tina ends the relationship. Hopefully, Jill doesn’t get too involved with Alicia—for some reason, it seems she can’t be trusted. 


Wait, So I Was The Side- Chick? 

Valeria’s 20year old anger resurfaces after she overhears the truth about Jojo’s paternity. When she confronts Eric, he confesses that he and Naomi were in a relationship first. Yes, he messed around with Valeria a little bit on the side, but his heart was with Naomi. It was only after Naomi ended things with him that he decided to pursue an open relationship with Valeria. The girls are gathered in Brianna’s living room when Jeff‘s mistress Alexis calls for the umpteenth time. Naomi says Alexis she deserves a beatdown, but Valeria defends herself  Alexis by reminding everyone that she too is a victim in Jeff’s web of deceit.  


A Funeral Ain’t A Funeral Without Drama

 Just as Jeff’s memorial service is about to begin, the doors of the church open causing all heads to turn. Alexis is standing in the doorway. Naomi stands up in preparation to deliver that beatdown but Brianna takes matters into her own hands, literally.  The girls pull Brianna off of Alexis and whisk her away to a back room. Surprisingly,Brianna asks them to bring Alexis back so they can have a conversation. Naomi and Valeria sit with their ears pressed to the door expecting another fight to break out, but instead they hear sobbing. They open the door to find the two women consoling one another. This is the first time Brianna has shown any emotion since finding her husband’s corpse. Brianna returns to the sanctuary and eulogizes her husband in an honest way. She doesn’t shy away from pointing out his flaws, but she also expresses her deep love for him. She then invites Alexis to join her at the casket for one final goodbye. Alexis suddenly upchucks her lunch all over Jeff’s casket suit. It suddenly dawns on Brianna that Alexis is pregnant. Damn.

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