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A TikTok user by the name of @Uhdezuh had an extremely uncomfortable phone call with a Verizon employee last week, and the young social media goer recorded every last bit of the odd conversation for her followers to hear.

In her video posted to TikTok on August 25th @Uhdezuh stares at the phone in shock as the Verizon employee goes on a rant about slavery and sex trafficking.

“Slaves have been around since Egypt’s days, Mayan and Incan days,” the employee tells @uhdezuh. “The Aztecs used to enslave the Mayans.” She also adds that the movie Taken is “more true than people realize.”

“Girls are kidnapped to be sex slaves,” the employee rambles on.

Shortly after the video went viral across social media @Uhdezuh issued a follow-up post detailing more about the odd incident.




@Uhdezuh said her call with the employee lasted 10 minutes. Towards the beginning of their conversation, she complimented the employee on her name which prompted a long explanation from the Verizon worker on where it originated from. Minutes later the employee began ranting about her love for Disney movies, but according to the worker,  there was one film in particular that she always wanted to see but couldn’t obtain. That film was Song of the South, @Uhdezuh later mentioned to the Daily Dot.  The Verizon employee explained that “Disney stopped releasing it because it was racist.”

When @Uhdezuh asked if the lady agreed with Disney discontinuing the controversial film, that’s when she stated that “slavery is part of our history,” adding that it has “happened in other places” outside the U.S. and that there are “white slaves currently.”

@Uhdezuh revealed that while the lady was helpful during their phone call, she hopes Verizon will hold the employee accountable for her inappropriate remarks.

“I would like just a confirmation that they’re handling it,” said @uhdezuh. “At least making it clear that [her] behavior was unacceptable and won’t be tolerated in the future.”


What would you have done if you were in @Uhdezuh’s shoes?


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