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Late last year, Caribbean comedian, Majah Hype, mostly known for his skits on social media, was accused of physically assaulting his longtime girlfriend Kirby Farrell.

In her initial message, Kirby didn’t reveal Majah’s identity. But enough people knew of the couple’s relationship that it wasn’t long before people were able to connect the dots. Mysteriously, after Kirby revealed her story, videos of a sexual nature, starring her and other men, began to hit the internet. The assumption was that Majah was the one to release them. It wasn’t a difficult assumption to reach considering in an Instagram Live video, he was still in possession of a phone that had once belonged to Kirby.

Now, months later, Kirby sat down with Tasha K. to share her story about what she endured dating, loving and living with Majah Hype. Check out some of the highlights from the conversation below.

At the beginning of her conversation, Kirby shared that she and Majah Hype, whose real name is Colin Nigel McPherson, are currently in the midst of litigation addressing some of the abuse she shared with Tasha K.

Kirby said that before she met Majah Hype she was a police officer. The two crossed paths in 2015 when she approached him to let him know she was a fan of his comedic work. They kept in touch, seeing each other off and on. After years of dating one another, Kirby decided to move to Atlanta with her son, in order to be with him. She left her career as an officer to do so.

When asked to detail the first violent incident, Kirby said, “Things didn’t get really bad until 8-9 months of me living there. We had company, a young lady named Jasmine was over, and he wanted to have a threesome. I guess she was paying more attention to me than she was to him. And she made a comment to him, ‘Why don’t you go over there? You’re making her uncomfortable.’

I was uncomfortable. I’ve never been into anything like that before. She made that statement to him and he lost it. He went off on her and punched her in the chest. He punched her like she was a man. I’ve never seen him in a rage like that. I’m like, ‘What are you doing?! What’s going on?’ I got really upset. And he sucker punched me in my stomach twice. He knocked the wind out of me. I immediately fell to the ground. And he said to me, ‘You’re the reason my mother’s not talking to me, b*tch.’ I’m laying there and I’m like what is this really about. Him and Jasmine are arguing back and forth. Everything is literally in slow motion. I can’t believe he hit me. I can’t believe he hit her.”

The abuse didn’t stop there. Kirby locked herself in the bathroom. Majah Hype snatched her out of the bathroom by her hair. Then threatened to get a gun and kill both Kirby and Jasmine.

After the violence, Majah Hype was “super apologetic” and threatened to kill himself for what he had done to her. She said for hours, he kept putting guns in his hands, acting as if he were going to end his life. Kirby was tasked with calming him down. When she was successful in getting him to relax, he wanted to have sex with her. Kirby complied. The next morning he got up like nothing happened.

After some time, Kirby tries to leave the house. She asked Jasmine to help her by bringing some trash bags. Instead of helping her, Jasmine alerts Majah Hype to Kirby’s plan. Within thirty seconds, he’s at her door and begins throwing her belongings out of the house.

At this point, guests had come to Majah’s house to celebrate the Fourth of July. Believing they would serve as a buffer, Kirby said, ‘Why don’t you tell everybody you beat us up last night?’ He turns to Jasmine and says, ‘I put my hands on you?’ She looks dead in Kirby’s face and says, ‘Nope.’

Kirby left the home and drove eight hours to Florida.

Sadly, it was not the end of their relationship. After much begging, Kirby reunited with Majah for her birthday on July 11. When Tasha K asked why she came back, Kirby said:

“I wasn’t afraid. I still believed that wasn’t who he wasn’t. I wanted to believe him so bad. I couldn’t believe the man that I was in love with, that asked me to be his wife, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. It had to be a crazy mistake. It had to be a moment. We’d already come so far.”

Kirby returned to Atlanta to live with Majah again. It was a month before their relationship turned violent once again. This time, her son was home with them and heard the commotion coming from the bedroom. He came to Majah’s door with a stick in his hand and asked, “What are you doing to my mom, bro?’ Majah Hype said, ‘Your mom is in here trying to fight me. Go back to bed.’”

That night, Kirby slept with her son on a pallet he made for the two of them in his closet. Kirby said, “I felt terrible, him having to defend me.”

Children played a continuous role in her relationship with Majah. She shared that she felt like leaving him would also mean abandoning his children. And it was clear that their father’s behavior was already starting to take a toll on them. In all of the times, he was violent with her, Majah’s children never got up to see what was happening. At one point, three months before she left the relationship for good, Majah’s 15-year-old son offered Kirby a chilling warning after having a disagreement with his father.

“Wait Kirby. Everything’s nice now but he’s going to start beating you, just like he beat my mom.”

Tasha asked Kirby what finally gave her the strength and courage to leave. She said,

“He didn’t want to kill himself anymore, he wanted to kill me.”

After one violent incident, Kirby saw herself and knew she needed to make a change.

“I remember I got up and I looked into the mirror. My whole jaw is swollen, my face, my eyes and I think to myself, it looks like you’re at your funeral.”.

But like most domestic violence survivors, leaving required a strategy

“I couldn’t just walk out the door. He would watch me really closely after incidents,” Kirby said.

Thankfully, she did make it out. And when she decdied to share the story of the reason she left, that’s when things got messy and even illegal on the internet, with Majah accusing her of cheating on him throughout their relationship—as if that excuses or even addresses the claims of violence.

In addition to Kirby’s own case against Majah, he is allegedly being investigated for molesting an underage girl connected to another woman he’s dated in the past.

You can watch Kirby’s full interview in the video below.


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