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There is nothing more lame than a man attempting to brag about his sexual prowess by listing the woman he’s slept with—or even worse, lying about the women he’s slept with. While we didn’t report about it here, there was an incidence of this recently when producer and former “Love and Hip Hop” star Yung Berg unnecessarily shared, while he was on the Drink Champs podcast, that he slept with Naturi Naughton when she was a member of 3LW.

In case you missed it, it was as vile as it sounds.

“I end up meeting the girls from 3LW. You remember?”

Norega asks isn’t one of them on “The View.” Yung Berg in his excitement to brag doesn’t even catch the error. (Adrienne Houghton is on “The Real.”)

Berg says, “Yes, and the one that I smashed is on “Power.”

Berg continues, I’ll never forget this sh*t, “I learned a real life lesson this day. We were living at some apartment complex. It was at the Archstone. It’s in North Hollywood. I go to her crib. They’re having a party. I smash her. I’m like ‘It’s something in her p*ssy. It felt like a mouse trap in her vagina. It was the first time I learned about birth control. She had the IUE (IUD) it was my first time experiencing it.”

And scene.

In the words of Cardi B, what was the reason?!

Either way, now months later, speaking to “The Breakfast Club,” Naturi Naughton spoke about her frustration with the interview and said that Berg was lying about the whole thing.

See what she had to say below.

Naturi: Recently, there was an interview that I just felt like I might have to call somebody to pull up on what’s his name. But you know, I guess it’s a thing for people to say that they’ve been with me.

Angela Yee: This was him on Drink Champs.

DJ Envy: Oh, Yung Berg!

Naturi: Oh, is that his name? I don’t know.

Angela: I did speak to Naturi about it and she said, ‘It’s not even true. So I don’t know why he would say that.’

DJ Envy: Y’all never went on a date or nothing, he just came out of the blue with that?

Naturi: Envy, I was 15-16 when I was in 3LW. I don’t know what kind of date—I mean, group activities. I remember we all lived in LA, at the Archstone. Maybe we all hung out in groups. Whew! That took a lot for me not to come on here and be like, ‘Really?!’ That’s why a week later, wasn’t there like an apology or something?

Angela: He was on Lip Service, he apologized for saying that.

Naturi: Maybe it’s a compliment. Everybody was like, ‘Maybe he wanted to get with Tasha.’ Okay, I get it. Poor baby.

Charlamagne: Let’s put it in the “Power” world, if this was the “Power” world, who would have killed Yung Berg, Tariq, Tommy, Ghost?

Naturi: Tariq, for sure. Disrespecting his mother. He don’t play that. Ghost would have got him off the strength of you’ve been with my wife. He killed Brandon Victor Dixon, my lawyer. He killed him. Not just cuz of jealousy because of power. Sometimes it’s about power and disrespect.

DJ Envy: Did Berg ever reach out to apologize?

Naturi: No. He should.

You can catch Naturi’s interview in the video below. Her comments about Yung Berg begin around the 12 min mark.

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