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The whole point of Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight,” is for couples to marry people they’ve never met before. But apparently, that proved quite challenging in New Orleans, a smaller city where people seemed to just bump into one another quite often.

And this last season of “Married at First Sight,” more than a few people knew one another beforehand. Amelia and Bennett had met and actually been interested in one another. Karen learned of Miles’ identity and spooked herself after scrolling through his Instagram page. Karen also shared that she worked with Henry at one point in her career.

Now, on their YouTube channel, Woody and Amani shared that their paths had crossed before they signed up for the show as well.

On their webseries, the couple answered frequently asked questions from fans and followers of the show. And one of them was, “Did you all know each other before the show?”

Woody smiles coyly while Amani says, “Define know.”

Woody: We didn’t know each other. We seen each other, yes!

Amani: We actually met for the first time two weeks before we got married.

Woody: Weird. Imagine that. Imagine that. Just let that sink in.

Amani: So we had met prior. So I got matched on Friday, at the end of January and then he got matched the next day on Saturday. Then we met Sunday, at my old job. So I was bartending part time at a very poppin place in New Orleans. So of course popular, poppin people come to this place.

He comes to the bar. Just talking and stuff. We didn’t really have an exchange of names. It was just drinks and random conversation whenever he would come up to order something.

Woody: Shout out to Chef John.

Amani: He was the chef for the brunch at the place that I worked at Culture Park. And so he’s [Woody’s] at the bar and I guess the next time he came to the bar I maybe looked a little flustered because he was asking me if I needed something. I’m like, ‘You’re the customer.’ But after I found out the chef was his friend, I said, ‘I ordered some lamb chops and it’s been a little while.’

Woody: Pull up with the chops, baby! Pull up with the chops is what I did.

Amani: He went and got my food for me, y’all.

Woody: They was working. Brought them they food and that was that. Honestly, I looked at her. And I was like, she look a little right. I might have to shoot my shot. But then I was like, ‘Man I’m getting married in a couple of weeks. Nah don’t do it.’

Amani: And I was looking past him because I was looking for my husband I’m getting married in two weeks.

Woody: Man, you know. I don’t know you know…

Amani: I was like, ‘He’s nice but I have a husband on the way.’ And it was him.

Woody: Fast forward, wedding night we in the bed and I’m like, ‘I gave you your food last week.’ That was a trip. Imagine that, two weeks before you meet your wife, you give her her food, like you feed her.

Amani: And he’s been feeding me ever since.

Woody: And I been feeding her since! Bruh, that’s craziness.

Amani: I didn’t even remember his face until we were laying in the bed that night. The whole wedding night I kept saying, ‘Man, his face looks familiar. But I couldn’t figure it out.’ So we went the whole wedding just partying, thinking we had never met. And then we were laying in the bed, like we told y’all we was talking all night and I was like man your face. And then it clicked. He said, ‘I bought you lamb chops.’

That’s pretty adorable. And another reminder of the principle that what is meant to be will be.

You can watch Woody and Amani’s full question and answer session in the video below.


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