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The Real Housewives of Potomac - Season 3

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The women of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” are on to the way Gizelle Bryant is keeping her relationship with ex-husband Pastor Jamal Bryant away from their girl chat.

Fellow RHOP castmate Karen Huger called Gizelle out for the fact that the women have never seen her and Jamal together in person. And she used their trip to Portugal as a time to bring it up. Then during the After Show, Huger said that even though she and Gizelle are not always on the best terms, she’s still concerned about Jamal not being there for Gizelle.

“Let’s be clear: Gizelle and I, we are hot and cold all the time, that’s how our relationship has been. But at the end of the day, I want to see Gizelle win. And so, when a man does not show up in your community on your arm, I mean, what does that say? Why is he not here for you? Why do we not see him?” Karen shared. “It may have been difficult for her to receive, but I was coming from a good place. She deserves, honestly, every woman deserves the absolute best man. If he doesn’t treat her well or is ashamed to be in public with her, is he proud of you? Why isn’t he adorning your arm around your friends and family in Potomac? That was a simple question, and it struck a chord with her.”

An executive producer for the show, Kemar Bassaragh said that Gizelle’s decision to keep Jamal away from her friends may have been a smart one.

“Well, this is something I’ve said to Gizelle to her face, so I don’t mind saying it here: If you were Gizelle, who has things to say about everyone’s relationship, would you now bring your partner around everyone for everyone to have the same comments about him?” he said. “But I get where the other women are coming from is like, ‘Oh, now you are in a relationship, now you’re with someone, now you don’t want us to have an opinion about them? How is that fair?'”

Ashley Darby noted that Gizelle’s good friend Robyn Dixon hasn’t even met Jamal.

“I was really taken aback by knowing that nobody else had really seen Jamal. I’m not that close to Gizelle, but Robyn, who is her best friend, why would she not spend time around Gizelle’s now-boyfriend?” Ashley said. “That just seems like Gizelle is hiding her relationship a little bit and doing so because she knows she has thrown a lot of daggers at other people. And so, she’s being a little bit more guarded about what she says and who she introduces because, you know, it’s like a boomerang; that thing always comes right back.”

Confronted by her friends, Gizelle Bryant got Jamal to FaceTime the ladies and say hello.

But Karen didn’t feel like that was enough.

“Gizelle was deflecting when she picked up the phone and tried to prove that Jamal is in her life by FaceTiming him, which didn’t work for me because the man lives in the phone. He’s been living in the phone for a year.”

Gizelle says she had no plans of being Jamal around Karen.

“I don’t want to bring him around people that don’t support me, don’t love me, and that are truly not wanting the best for me. I know Robyn loves me and wants the best for me. So people like that, I don’t have any problems with Jamal being around them,” Gizelle said. “But Karen? Karen can kick rocks. She probably will never see Jamal.”

You can listen to these ladies speak about all of this in the video below.

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