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Make more than your man? You’re not alone. And while earning more than you mate isn’t a bad thing, Black women face unique socio-economic circumstances that affect a myriad of social norms, patterns and choices, including money habits, mate choices and rituals.  MadameNoire’s new study, “Black Women: Relationships and Money” investigates the ways romantic partnerships impact how Black women spend money, their financial habits in relationships, expectations and more. Read on.

Relationships and Money Study 1

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MadameNoire partnered with Civic Science to poll more than 350 Black women on their spending habits in relationships. Here are some highlights from the survey:

Paying for Dates:

•Almost half (46%) of the MadameNoire audience expects their partners to pay for dates frequently or always.

Paying Bills:

•60% of 18-34-year-old users expect to split or pay a greater share of the bills with their partner at least occasionally. This is 10 percentage points higher than the general user population.

Loaning Money:

•About 41% of users have loaned money to a romantic partners.

Financial Support:

•About a third of MadameNoire users feel frequently or always financially supported by their romantic partners.

Financial Influence:

•More than a third of the MadameNoire audience has made poor financial choices to please a partner at least occasionally. Almost half of MadameNoire users have reported rarely or never doing so.


Relationships and Money Study 2

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“Women have had to step up to the plate when it comes to finances more than ever before,” says Arnita Johnson-Hall, founder of Luxurious Credit and AMB Credit Consultants.  “My financial tip for women earning more than their partners is ‘one love, one household'”. Johnson-Hall advises creating a financial family plan that doles out responsibilities based on income and push to work collaboratively—without ego. While the financial expert is all for team play when it comes to bills, credit requires a different approach. “I recommend keeping credit separate,” she adds. “This ensures that if one partner makes a poor choice or ends up in a challenging situation, you can lean on the other.”


Why Are 60% of Black Women Splitting or Paying a Higher Share of Household Bills?

Relationships and Money Study 3

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As Black women continue to advance in education and small business ownership, there will potentially be gaps between their incomes and those of their mates. Those in the marriage market will have to decide whether traditional gender roles will play a role in mate selection. “Women often want men who earn more than them and don’t want men who earn less,” she adds. “It’s a mistake.” Instead, she advises, focus on having compatible financial habits and goals, and lifestyle choices. “Financial infidelity and lack of money management is the leading cause of divorce, not actual income.”


Have You Loaned Money to Your Partner?

Relationships and Money Study 4

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Love and finances are forever intertwined. The good news is that the poll reveals many Black women feel financially supported by their partners. The results also show that approximately 41 percent of Black women have loaned money to their mates, which means they are open to working collaboratively when it comes finances. “The most realistic approach in committed relationships is ‘yours, mine and ours method’,” she shares. “Women shouldn’t feel guilty or resentful if they earn more than partners. The most important thing is to make decisions that you are comfortable with.”

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