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"Ruthless" Episode 12

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*Spoilers ahead*

The title of episode twelve, which is “Wicked Acts,” was definitely appropriate because Elder Mother showed us all just how callous and evil she can be. Here are some highlights from Thursday’s episode.

Elder Mother is the devil incarnate

The most explosive moment of episode twelve was when Tally realized that Elder Mother had removed the Elevate Box from the kitchen. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the Elevate Box is filled with poisoned applesauce to be fed to the children in the event that the government ever raided the compound. While we knew for a while that The Highest would rather kill off his followers than to allow the compound to be raided, there was something about seeing Elder Mother with all of those innocent children gathered in the classroom that was so deeply disturbing. Further, it was difficult to not want to slap Ruth for giving these criminals access to her daughter in the first place.

Money talks

Up until episode eleven, the nature of Malcolm and Sarah’s relationship was unclear. While it first appeared that Malcolm was some sort of sexual aggressor who couldn’t take no for an answer, episode twelve made it crystal clear that he and Sarah were engaged in an extramarital affair while Andrew worked undercover at the Rakadushi compound. Malcolm’s wife, Cynthia’s, suspicions were spot on. But what makes this even worse is that Cynthia and Sarah are friends. It’s still unclear what suddenly jerked Sarah back to reality and made her want to end the affair, but clearly, a little money was all it took to win her back over. After handing her an envelope of $6,000 cash and covering her mortgage for the month, Sarah was back in Malcolm’s arms again.

Dikahn is now covering for Ruth

Despite his misogynistic ways, Dikhan saw fit to cover for Ruth after Elder Mother walked in following their tryst. This definitely doesn’t make him an ally and he’s still likely to flip on Ruth once the remorse and guilt fully set in. Ironically, despite his attempts to lie to Elder Mother, she has been around the block long enough to recognize that something sexual happened between the two and warned Ruth that she must leave him alone because he has to “stay pure” for The Highest. Whew, chile.

Is Andrew is still undercover?

After being out of contact for weeks, getting “cleansed” by The Highest, and getting Tally pregnant, it seems that Andrew may still be undercover after all. He called Mack to warn him that all of the children would be sacrificed if fellow undercover FBI agent, Brian, entered the compound. It remains unclear if Andrew made that call because his loyalty still lies with the department or because Ruth and Tally pleaded with him to save their kids. Either way, we’re almost sure that this will further fuel Dikahn’s suspicions of Andrew.

The Highest is becoming unhinged

We’ve known for some time that Rakadushi leader, The Highest, is a heroin addict, but it seems that his condition is worsening each day.  His paranoia about the compound being infiltrated by the sheriff and his constant talks about transitioning to be with the Rakumas in heaven and taking all of his followers with him is even more frightening because they seem to stem from drug-induced hallucinations.

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